Emergency Wildlife Removal IN TRINITY Available to Serve You 24/7

We have extensive knowledge of Trinity wildlife removal. We are fully licensed and certified in wildlife trapping and removal by the state of Florida.

Our technicians are highly skilled and trained. We are well-versed in wildlife removal in Trinity regulations and we put utmost importance in the humane treatment of animals.

Trinity was named after the Trinity College of Florida. The college is a popular interdenominational bible college. Trinity is part of Pasco County.

Trinity has several brewing companies in the area. One of them is the Escape Brewing Company at Trinity Boulevard. It offers a quaint craft brew culture.

They have the best brown ales in the area and it’s the perfect spot for a chill night with your friends.

Being in sunny Florida, Trinity enjoys warm weather almost all year long. Its wildlife population is thriving, so, wildlife encounters are common in the area.

It is Pro Wildlife Removal that people call for such cases. We are the leading expert in wildlife control in Trinity. Our wildlife removal in Trinity experts have been serving the community for over a decade now. 


Trinity Duck Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Duck Handling

We have live-traps for duck removal. We also include their eggs in the removal process.

Pest removal and clean-up are our focus when it comes to duck infestation.

Trinity Snake Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Snake Handling

When you encounter a snake, stay calm, stay away, and do not provoke.

Call for help and wait for our wildlife removal in Trinity team to arrive.

We will come running with live snake traps, exclusions, and snake removal technicians.

Trinity Bee Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Bee Handling

Our Trinity wildlife removal team has mastered the safe removal of bees and beehives. Bees can attack when provoked.

So, we have proper gear and equipment custom-made for bee removal.

Trinity Bat Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Bat Handling

We use specialized equipment for the safe removal of bats from your property.

We follow local regulations in the proper handling of these animals. We use top of the line equipment and tools for Trinity bat removal.

Trinity Opossum Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Opossum Handling

Remove, decontaminate and clean up. 

These are our basic steps in removing opossums from your property.

We guarantee safe and quick opossum removal.

Trinity Rat Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Rat Handling

Rats pose the greatest threat to human health out of all pests.

They carry diseases that can be fatal to people. We are certified experts in wildlife removal in Trinity Florida, especially in rat removal, decontamination, and repairs.

Trinity Squirrel Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Squirrel Handling

Squirrel control is a major problem in Trinity. Our Trinity wildlife removal team is experienced in squirrel removal.

We live-trap them, use wildlife-friendly exclusions and clean up after.

Trinity Raccoon Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Raccoon Handling

Our raccoon removal process is safe and humane.

We use live traps and exclusions.

We also decontaminate the infected area.

Trinity Hog Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Hog Handling

Hogs can cause severe damage to properties. They are wild and strong. It is important that they are removed your the property immediately.

Trinity hog removal team uses strong traps that are strong enough to contain the hogs. This will ensure the animals will not escape and cause more damage.

Trinity Armadillo Handling | Pro Wildlife Removal

Armadillo Handling

To prevent further damage to your property, our Trinity armadillo removal technicians use our armadillo live-trappers.

These are safe for the animals and strong enough so they cannot escape. We also offer repairs and clean up services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Are You from My Area?

Pro Wildlife Removal is only three miles away from Trinity, about a six minute drive. We are practically neighbors. So, your Trinity wildlife removal team can get to you in no time.

What Type of Equipment Do You Use?

We use all kinds of industry-standard equipment for wildlife removal in Trinity. They vary in design and function. It depends on the type of animals we are removing.

Our trappers and exclusions follow regulations for safe and humane wildlife removal in Trinity, FL.

Are You Certified?

Yes, we are. Pro Wildlife Removal is certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). This means we have proven our skills and expertise. We also have undergone rigorous training on wildlife handling and wildlife control processes.

What Type of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards for payments. For further wildlife control  issues, you can call our wildlife removal in Trinity, FL hotline. Our phone line is open 24/7 at  727-594-7705.

How Much Do You Charge Per Visit?

You only pay a one-time base price. We will go back as many times as needed until the animal is removed.

We provide a one-year warranty on all our animal exclusions. For other warranty questions, just give us a call. Our wildlife removal in Trinity professionals are always ready to help.

Do You Rescue Cats and Dogs?

No, we do not. Our wildlife removal in Trinity technicians are dedicated to wildlife control only. Our services do not include pets and domesticated animals.

There are government and local groups that you can call for help.

What Specific Animals Do You Handle?

We specialize in wildlife, pests and nuisance animals. Pets and domesticated animals are not included. Some of the animals we service are bats, bees, snakes, armadillos, ducks, rats, squirrels, hogs, raccoons, opossums, and the likes.

Can I Remove the Snakes on My Own?

We do not recommend that you remove the snakes yourself. Although you can, it is not safe. Unlike domesticated animals, wildlife animals are not vaccinated.

Wildlife animals carry rabies, parasites and all kinds of diseases. Some snakes are venomous. Even if the snake you encounter is not venomous, they can still inflict a nasty bite.

Snake bites can get infected easily. It is best to stay away from snakes. Call professional help.

Pro Wildlife Removal has the proper protective gear. We also have the right equipment for the safe removal of nuisance animals. This is for the safety of both you and the animal.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our rates vary. It depends on your wildlife removal in Trinity needs. We will consider the type of animal, quantity, location, and the extent of the damage.

We also consider the type of equipment we need to use and other factors. We will need more details so we can assess the situation. We provide free consultation, so give us a call today!

Why Do Rats Keep Coming Back?

This is the reason why getting professional help is more effective. Setting your own rat traps and poison is not necessary. It can even be dangerous and costly in the end and may not solve the problem.

Our professional rat removal in Trinity involved setting up exclusions to prevent future infestations.

Our wildlife removal in Trinity technicians are experts in rat extermination. They can do the job quickly. They are also trained in the decontamination of the areas of infestation.

We also clean up after. We offer antimicrobial treatments, interior sanitizing, vacuum services, and many others to keep the pests from coming back. We believe in the importance of infestation prevention.

Why Do You Need to Install Exclusions?

This is part of the prevention process. We want to prevent them from coming back. The exclusion will close all entry points so nuisance wildlife cannot return to your property.

Wildlife is important to our ecosystem. Whether nuisance or not, it is important that we treat them humanely.