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We are the leading wildlife removal Dade City experts and are fully licensed, certified, and insured. Our comprehensive wildlife removal services address any wildlife concern, from bats, ducks, and bees to rats, raccoons, squirrels, and much more.

Pro Wildlife Removal is available 24/7 For Any Wildlife Removal in Dade City!

Pro Wildlife Removal is available 24/7. We offer a one year warranty on all animal exclusions and we provide free consultations and estimates.

Our wildlife removal Dade City team also does restorations, repairs and deterrent treatments. These services will help fix the damage and will also keep the animals from returning.

Dade City is located in Pasco County and is best known for its antique stores and historical architecture

One of the most popular historic buildings in Dade is the Pasco County Courthouse.

The City hosts the annual Kumquat Festival. It is held in the last week of January. Tourists come to celebrate the versatility of the city’s favorite citrus fruit.

Dade is also known for its abundance in wildlife. Wildlife encounters are common in the city.

Our Wildlife Removal Dade City Services

We offer removal services for the following wildlife animals:

Give us a call for other wildlife animals that we cater to. Our phone number is  352-618-2911.
Beehive Removal

Frequently Asked Questions for Wildlife Control

Q: Can I remove the beehive myself?

Bees are very protective of their habitat. You may provoke them if you disturb their beehive, which may cause them to attack.

Bee attacks are dangerous and can be fatal to humans. If you find a hive in your backyard, call us right away. We have more than ten years of experience in city wildlife control.

Do not panic, stay away and do not provoke. Wait for our wildlife removal Dade City team. We will remove the beehive using proper protective gear and equipment.

What to do when you find a bee’s nest at your home | Pro Wildlife Removal
group of bats

Q: Can I just wait for these bats to go away?

Bats don’t just go away. When they find a comfortable spot, they stay and nest. Once they start living in your attic, they are most likely to stay for good and invite more to come as they continue reproducing.

Bats do not belong in your home. They are pests and should be removed immediately.

Their droppings can cause harmful effects on your health and can cause structural damage when left for long periods of time.

Bats need special handling. They need to be removed, otherwise, they will stay put. Our urban wildlife control professionals can do the job for you.

Bat removal requires special traps and handling. We use protective gear in removing and cleaning the area. Antimicrobial treatments are necessary as well.

Q: These ducks are cute, can I let them stay in the yard?

Ducks may look cute but they are pests. They populate fast, destroy gardens, attics, and porches, and leave droppings everywhere.

When left to thrive, they will be hard to remove in the long run. Ducks are Dade City’s most common city wildlife control problems.

The most common species in Dade City is the Muscovy ducks. They are invasive and hard to control. Strict Florida laws determine how these animals can be handled, trapped, and removed, so avoid handling them yourself.

Our technicians are well-versed in wildlife regulations. We will take care of the legalities for you. We service Dade City and the entire Florida state.

duck removal
Birds in a cage

Q: What type of animals do you remove?

Our wildlife removal Dade City services include, but are not limited to, bats, bees, ducks, rats, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, armadillos, hogs, and snakes. Call us for further inquiries. Our number is  352-618-2911.

Q: How fast can you get here if I find a snake in the middle of the night?

Our phone line is open 24/7. We prioritize wildlife emergencies. Talk to our wildlife removal Dade City professionals and let us know about an urgent case and we will be there as soon as we can.

Q: Rats seem to be very common, are they really dangerous?

Rats carry diseases that are very harmful to humans. They carry rabies, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and even the plague. They usually go where there is food.

Urban rats can come and go through small holes and openings in your property. Have your place assessed. Just because you don’t always see them does not mean they are not there.

Removing rats is not enough. You need to install exclusions and decontamination treatments to keep them from coming back. This is the completion of the whole wildlife control Dade City process.

rat removal winter haven
#1 trusted leader in Opossum Removal in Tampa FL | Pro Wildlife Removal

Q:How much will it cost me?

Our service fee will depend on the type of animal we will be removing. The danger and the damage the animal has caused will also be considered. 

We will need more information from you. Do you need raccoon removal or squirrel removal?

Please give our wildlife removal Dade City experts a call so we can assess the situation. Our phone number is 352-618-2911.

Q: How Do I Remove Opossum babies from the basement?

Please refrain from handling the animals yourself. Opossums carry parasites and diseases that they can transfer to you. They can also get aggressive when threatened.

Opossum saliva has rabies that they can transfer through a nasty bite. If you remove their babies, you will anger them. This can cause them to attack you.

Bites and scratches from opossums are dangerous. Rabies can kill a person. The wounds they inflict can get infected.

Let our wildlife removal Dade City technicians take over and take care of the problem.

Need Opossum Removal Tampa Services | Pro Wildlife Removal
snake removal

Q: Can I make the snake into a pet?

Wild snakes are dangerous. You have to determine if they are venomous or not.

Unlike snakes from pet shops and vets, the ones you encounter are wild. They are not vaccinated. They carry different kinds of diseases that can jeopardize your health.

It is better to call the experts and let them handle the snake. If you want a snake for a pet, get it from a friendly vet near you.

It is important that we protect our wildlife. Not all cities have a healthy wildlife population, so we must work to keep ours thriving.

Keep safe and seek expert help. Pro Wildlife Removal aims to allow people and wildlife animals to live in peace separate from each other. It is possible to keep both humans and animals safe during the whole removal process.


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