PPro Wildlife Removal is the top authority for wildlife removal in Dunedin services. Our control services cover inspection of properties for wildlife animals, decontamination from pests and the diseases they carry, animal trapping, safe wildlife removal, and wildlife rescue.

Pro Wildlife Removal are the experts in wildlife removal in Dunedin, FL. We are fully equipped with industry-standard, top of the line equipment and machinery. Our technicians are wildlife removal and animal trapping experts. We are licensed and certified to service both residential and commercial properties.

Dunedin is the oldest town in Pinellas County, Florida, which is located along the Gulf Coast. Dunedin’s name comes from the Scottish Gaelic name of Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. The town has a strong Scottish heritage.

Dunedin has always been proud of its Scottish roots. It is known for its yearly Scottish celebrations – The Dunedin Highland Games where Scottish clans from in and outside the town.

The town is also big in culture and arts. The Dunedin Fine Art Center or DFAC is known as a center for visual arts and exhibits. The DFAC has something to offer everyone, whether you are a resident or here for a short visit; it houses five galleries, different studio classrooms, cafes, gift shops, and a children’s art museum.

Nestled along the Gulf Coast, Dunedin’s wildlife is abundant and thriving. It is home to many species of animals that are not found outside of Florida. That being said, Dunedin wildlife has become both a blessing and a minor nuisance to its residents.

Pro Wildlife Removal in Dunedin FL, Services

Bee Control

29 bee species are found only in Florida, most of which are found in Dunedin. Bees are one of the most important animals on the planet because they pollinate more than 30% of our food sources. But bees can be dangerous when their habitat is threatened and can aggressively attack when disturbed.

If you find a hive or a swarm of bees in your backyard, inside your office, or in your attic, keep your distance and call our wildlife removal in Dunedin team. Try to isolate the area where the bees are and call bee removal Dunedin. We know how to handle and control bees and remove them safely.

Bee Control | Pro Wildlife Removal
Bat Control | Pro Wildlife Removal

Bat Control

Bats are peace-loving mammals. They avoid crowded areas and stay away from the noise. Bats are good for the ecosystem but can be dangerous when they wander into houses and commercial areas.

Bat removal needs special handling because they can cause all kinds of health risks if they bite or leave droppings on your property. They need to be handled by Dunedin bat removal experts like us because we use animal-friendly equipment that will keep both animals and humans safe. You can call Pro Wildlife Removal in Dunedin, FL at 727-496-7702 so we can assess your bat situation and assist you accordingly.

Duck Control

Ducks leave droppings everywhere. In Dunedin, Muscovy ducks are big pest control problems. Their droppings cause damage to properties as well as health risks to the residents.

Our wildlife removal in Dunedin team is the top authority in duck removal. Florida law prohibits harming or killing Muscovy ducks, so call duck removal in Dunedin experts so we can safely remove these animals for you. We have been performing duck rescue for a decade – no other company can do it better.

Duck Control | Pro Wildlife Removal
Rat Control | Pro Wildlife Removal

Rat Control

Rats are the most common pest control issues Dunedin residents complain about. Rats pose great health risks to people with the many diseases they carry. They also cause great damage to properties by chewing on walls, wiring, insulation, wood, and anything else they can get their teeth on.

Pro Wildlife Removal in Dunedin team uses tools and safety gear to make sure that the pests are removed without causing any harm. We will also install inclusion barriers to prevent future infestations. Dunedin rat removal includes prevention as well, not just safe removal.

Squirrel Control

Dunedin Squirrel Removal is in high demand. Squirrel populations can explode fast and they can cause problems. Squirrels will dig holes in your garden or take up residence in your attic for months at a time if they are not addressed right away.

Squirrel removal is our expertise. Pro Wildlife Removal in Dunedin team will do it safely, securely and quickly. Wildlife Control Dunedin is easy when you have us on your speed dial.

Squirrel Control | Pro Wildlife Removal
Opossum Control | Pro Wildlife Removal

Opossum Control

Opossums love taking up residence in safe, warm spaces like attics, basements, and garages. But this can be a problem for you because opossums carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans through bites or even through contact with their urine and feces.

If you have noticed unusual noises in your house and suspect an opossum presence, call Pro Wildlife Removal in Dunedin right away. Opossums need to be removed by using live-traps and exclusions so they cannot bite, cause harm, or be harmed. Dunedin opossum removal regulations require safe and humane treatment of animals that our technicians are trained for.

Raccoon Control

Dunedin raccoon control has become more and more common. The raccoon population has increased in Dunedin over the past years, making these critters quite a nuisance for homeowners in the area. Our decade-long experience separates us from our competition.

We know how to safely remove these pesky animals from your property and help keep them from coming back. Pro Wildlife Removal in Dunedin FL is number one in raccoon removal and animal rescue.

Raccoon Control | Pro Wildlife Removal
Hog Control | Pro Wildlife Removal

Hog Control

Wild hogs are strong and fast. They can break walls, dig holes, pull out plants and cause other damages that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

When you see a wild hog near your home or business, call Pro Wildlife Removal in Dunedin and let us handle the hog removal for you. Our animal trappers are built to withstand strong and wild animals that are hard to control.

Armadillo Control

Armadillos are gentle animals that do not normally wander into residential and commercial areas. They are always in search of bugs and insects for food which sometimes leads them into human spaces. Armadillos dig large holes and underground tunnels, pull out plants, and tear up grasses to search for food.

Before they can cause severe damage, let armadillo removal Dunedin remove the animals right away. We are fast and efficient.

Armadillo Control | Pro Wildlife Removal
Snake Control | Pro Wildlife Removal

Snake Control

Snakes can be found anywhere. They are what nightmares are made of. Eight out of 10 people are terrified of snakes.

Finding a snake in your house or office is horrifying. Do not panic, keep some distance and lock the area where you find them. Wait until snake removal Dunedin experts arrive to remove the snake safely so you can go back to business as usual.


How Much Do We Charge?

Our rates are competitive and depend on your wildlife removal needs. Certain animals need certain equipment or a level of expertise to remove. Give us a call at 727-496-7702 for a quotation or a scheduled visit.

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We have been the top-rated Wildlife Removal in Dunedin experts for over 10 years. We use top of the line machinery and equipment. Our technicians are highly trained and are certified and licensed to remove and rescue wildlife animals in the state of Florida.

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With the Dunedin area being full of wildlife, we have to learn to live with them and respect their presence and natural habitats. The occasional encounters do not mean they are taking over or trespassing. We exist to keep the peace between wildlife and humans, so give us a call today.

Pro Wildlife Removal in Dunedin is here to help. We are ready to lend our expertise and experience to keep you safe from wildlife and restore your property back to normal.

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