Pro Wildlife Removal is dedicated to alleviating wildlife infestations from homes and businesses. Our wildlife removal Holiday Fl is trusted by home and business owners for over 10 years. We safely trap, rescue and remove nuisance animals from your properties.

Holiday Florida is a small suburb in Pasco County, Florida. It is home to the Key Vista Nature Park and the best wildlife removal Holiday FL. Key Vista is a 100-acre park along the Gulf. The park has nature trails, boardwalks, a watchtower and many more.

The park is a perfect place for bird watching. There are ospreys, peacocks and many others that bird enthusiasts would love. Snakes, squirrels and all kinds of wildlife animals live in the park as well.

The park has picnic areas, fishing access, and park benches. It is a great place for couples and families to relax. You can have a great time while enjoying the beautiful Gulf view.

A famous landmark in Holiday Fl is the Holiday Towers. It houses the longest-running escape room in Tampa. The escape room is one of the things you should not miss in Holiday.

Wildlife Removal IN Holiday Fl Services

Armadillo Removal

Armadillos are impressive diggers. They can end up digging into your property in their search for food. They can damage your foundation or pipes and cause serious damage to your lawn or field.

When you see or suspect signs of armadillo presence, seek Florida wildlife removal right away. Armadillos need to be trapped using animal-friendly trappers. Our armadillo removal Holiday Fl team is equipped with industry-standard equipment and machinery.

Holiday Armadillo Removal
Holiday Bat Removal

Bat Removal

Bats are very useful animals, especially to farmers. But they can be a nuisance in unwanted places. They belong in the wild, not in your homes.

Bat droppings are disease-infested. You must let professionals like our bat removal Holiday Fl technicians do the job for you. We have the knowledge and the necessary tools to remove them.

Bee Removal

Bees can cause severe bodily harm when provoked. If they make a home in your attic, they can end up taking over your whole house if you are not careful.

Once nested, it is hard to remove them, especially their hive. Removing beehives takes special skill and experience. Our wildlife removal Holiday Fl team is highly trained in bee removal.

Our team has the proper gear and tools to do the job. Our bee removal team will ensure that the bees are secured, and you are safe. We are your best option.

Holiday Bee Removal
Duck removal

Duck Removal

Muscovy ducks are considered pests in Holiday. They are one of Florida’s top invasive wildlife. They are overpopulated and leave droppings everywhere.

Cleaning up after them is a nightmare. So, it is better to have them removed from your property asap. Call our duck removal Holiday Fl team at 727-496-7677 for a free assessment.

Hog Removal

Hogs are strong and aggressive. You don’t want them anywhere near you. They can easily cause damage that can cost you thousands of dollars, very quickly.

We, at Pro Wildlife Removal, are fully certified to handle hogs. We have been doing Florida hog removal for over a decade now. We can guarantee a safe, quick, and easy wildlife control holiday fl.

Holiday Hog Removal
Opossum Removal

Opossum Removal

Opossums carry diseases and parasites that are very dangerous for humans. You want to keep them as far away from you as possible. They can also chew through walls and wirings.

Our wildlife removal Holiday Fl professionals will trap these animals for safe opossum removal. We use only the top of the line trappers that consistently pass wildlife control regulations. Call us now.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons can sneak into your homes and raise a family without you knowing it. Before you know it, your attic is infested. Raccoons are very aggressive when they are protecting their young.

We do not advise you to remove them on your own. Our raccoon removal Holiday Fl team is licensed and highly trained at removing aggressive animals. We will remove them safely so you can breathe easy.

racoon removal

Rat Removal

Rats are dirty pests. They go where the food is. So, it is no surprise that you find them in your kitchen, your pantry and other parts of your home.

Rats contaminate everything they touch. Their urine and feces cause major health risks. They carry leptospirosis that can be fatal to people.

Leave the dirty work to our rat removal Holiday Fl team. We will remove the animals and everything that comes along with them. We are the number one Florida wildlife control in Holiday.

We offer attic restoration and repairs for the damages they have caused. We will leave with your property in better shape than before. We aim to please.

Snake Removal

Not all snakes are venomous, but all of them can deliver a nasty bite. Poisonous or not, snake bites can get infected easily. Snakes carry diseases aside from their venom.

When you find a snake, get a professional snake removal service right away. Don’t waste time. Our wildlife removal Holiday Fl technicians have been handling snakes for a decade now.

We provide wildlife control in Holiday, FL in a quick, safe and discreet manner.

Holiday Snake Removal
Holiday Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel control is in demand in Holiday Fl. Squirrels are common and overpopulated in Holiday. Squirrels love to invade homes and offices.

They ransack your food and chew on walls, wirings and many others. It is better to remove wildlife problems early on. The earlier you handle them the lesser the damage.

Our wildlife removal Holiday Fl experts are highly trained in squirrel removal. They will use wild traps to ensure your safety and the animals as well. We will also give you an assessment of the damage.

We will also help you get your property back in shape. We offer after-removal services to help you. We are a one-stop-shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Remove Honeycombs?

Pro Wildlife Removal employs only the safest process in removing honeycombs or beehives. Honeycombs cause rots and decay in infrastructure. It is important to be careful not to cause more damage.
It is important to proceed with caution. Rot and decay can cause the structure to collapse.

What Will Happen with the Bat Droppings in My Attic?

We offer attic cleaning and restoration services. We also do vacuum and antimicrobial services to stop the contamination. Pro Wildlife Removal will help you get your place back to tiptop shape.

What Should I Do to Prevent Rats From Coming Back?

Our services include exclusions to prevent pests from returning. We also offer monthly population control services to prevent re-infestation. We offer population management programs for any kind of animal in the Florida area.

A wildlife encounter can be a terrifying experience. But you can rest easy knowing that we are only a phone call away. Keep us on speed dial so you can be worry-free.

When in panic, stay away from the animal. Avoid trying to provoke or hurt them. Animals attack when they are threatened.

Pro Wildlife Removal is available 24/7 for any wildlife removal in Holiday, FL emergencies. Email us at or call us using the number below.

We offer free wildlife removal Holiday Fl phone assessments if you need a proper quotation or help.