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Welcome to Pro Wildlife Removal, a name synonymous with trusted and professional wildlife management in Citrus County. For many years, our dedicated team has been serving the residents and businesses of this region, addressing a diverse array of wildlife challenges with expertise and commitment. At the heart of our operations is a deep dedication to the community, underscored by our comprehensive approach to wildlife removal and management.

Our Commitment to You

As a fully licensed and insured provider, we offer peace of mind to our clients, ensuring that every service we deliver meets the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Our range of services in Citrus County is extensive, catering to all types of wildlife issues, from the most common to the most complex. Whether it’s safely removing critters from your property, implementing preventive measures, or providing emergency response, our team is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle each situation with care and efficiency.

Our Full Range of Florida Pest Control Services

We are a fully Florida-licensed and insured Citrus County animal removal company with experience and expertise in handling all wildlife control situations. We understand the diverse wildlife challenges faced by residents and businesses in Citrus County. Our expert team is equipped to provide a wide array of animal removal services, ensuring your property is safe and free from unwanted wildlife. Here’s a look at our specialized services:

Bat Removal

Bats are highly beneficial for the ecosystem but problematic when they roost in homes or buildings. We safely remove bats and seal entry points to prevent future invasions. Our bat removal process adheres to the Florida state laws intended to protect these endangered creatures.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels, while cute, can cause costly damage to homes. Our team employs effective methods to humanely remove squirrels and prevent their return.

Duck Management

Ducks can overcrowd areas and cause messes. Muscovy ducks are invasive species and cause harm to our Florida ecosystem. We use humane strategies to control duck populations and discourage them from nesting in undesirable locations.

Rat and Rodent Removal

Rats and other rodents are common nuisances. They pose a serious threat to our health if left undealt with and they can cause major damage to the interiors of our homes. We provide comprehensive rat removal solutions to eradicate these pests and secure your property against future infestations.

Bee Relocation
Bees are crucial for pollination but can be a hazard near homes. We specialize in relocating bee hives to safer areas, balancing environmental needs with your safety.

Snake Removal

Encounters with snakes can be scary. Our team is trained to safely remove both non-venomous and venomous snakes, ensuring your property remains safe for all.

Raccoon Eviction

Raccoons can be destructive and aggressive. We utilize humane trapping techniques to remove them from your property and provide advice on keeping them at bay.

Opossum Removal

Opossums carry diseases and can cause destruction when they make our homes their shelters. Our humane removal methods ensure these critters are safely taken away from your premises.

Armadillo Control

Armadillos can dig up lawns and gardens. We offer effective solutions to manage and relocate these unique animals with minimal disruption to their natural habits.

Dead Animal Removal

Encountering deceased wildlife in your home or on your property can be distressing and pose health risks. We provide prompt and respectful dead animal removal services, ensuring the safe and sanitary handling of the situation.

Each service we provide is conducted with the utmost care and adherence to local wildlife laws. Clean-up and exclusion services are also part of all of our animal removal jobs. At Pro Wildlife Removal in Citrus County, we are committed to delivering humane, effective, and responsible solutions to all your wildlife removal needs.

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Complete Animal Waste Cleanup and Decontamination

In addition to our comprehensive wildlife removal services and pest control services, Pro Wildlife Removal Citrus County offers extensive cleanup services to ensure your property is left in a safe and sanitary condition. Understanding the importance of thorough cleanup after wildlife removal is critical, and here’s how we address it:

  1. Waste and Nest Removal:

    We meticulously remove all signs of wildlife habitation, including waste, nests, and any debris created by the animals. This process is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases and deter future wildlife infestations.

  2. Thorough Decontamination:

    Wildlife intrusions often leave behind waste and debris, which can pose health risks. Our team performs thorough decontamination of affected areas, eliminating harmful pathogens and odors.

  3. Damage Assessment and Repairs:

    Our Citrus County animal removal services extend to assessing any damage caused by wildlife. We offer repair solutions for damages like chewed wires, broken vents, or compromised structures, ensuring your property’s integrity is restored.

  4. Sanitization and Odor Neutralization:

    We use environmentally safe and effective sanitization methods to ensure your space is clean and free from unpleasant odors. This step is essential for restoring your property to a comfortable and livable state, especially after a rodent infestation.

  5. Preventative Measures and Advice:

    Post-cleanup, we provide expert advice and implement preventative wildlife control measures to secure your property against future wildlife issues. This might include sealing entry points or modifying habitats around your property.

Our cleanup services at Pro Wildlife Removal are designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution, addressing not just the safe removal part of animal control, but also the aftermath.

Our Five-Step Process for Wildlife Removal IN CITRUS COUNTY

At Pro Wildlife Removal, we’ve refined our approach to wildlife control into a clear, five-step process. This ensures a thorough and efficient resolution to your wildlife and pest issues. Here’s how we address each project:

  1. Initial Contact – Give Us a Call:

    Your journey to a wildlife-free property begins with a simple phone call and free price quote. Contact us to discuss your pest issue or wildlife concern. Whether it’s a common rat or rodent problem or a more complex situation involving other animals, we’re here to listen and help.

  2. On-Site Evaluation and Free Estimate:

    We’ll schedule a convenient time to conduct an on-site evaluation and full inspection of your property. This allows us to assess the extent of the wildlife issue and plan an effective course of action. Following this assessment, we provide a detailed, estimate outlining the full scope and cost of the project.

  3. Customized Wildlife Removal Plan:

    Based on our evaluation, we develop a customized wildlife removal plan. This plan is tailored to the specific challenges and wildlife species involved, ensuring the most effective and humane removal methods are used. Sometimes this plan will involve many service trips to ensure thorough completion and 100% satisfaction.

  4. Execution and Monitoring:

    With your approval, our skilled team will execute the wildlife removal plan and could even show up same day if needed. We use safe, humane techniques for all animal removal jobs and ensure compliance with local wildlife laws. Throughout the process, we keep you informed and may adjust our approach based on real-time observations and monitoring.

  5. Post-Removal Cleanup and Preventative Measures:

    After the animals have been successfully removed, we focus on cleanup and sanitation to ensure your property is left in a safe and habitable state. We also implement preventative measures, such as sealing entry points and advising on habitat modifications, to protect against future wildlife issues.

Frequently Asked Questions at Pro Wildlife Removal

Citrus County Animal Services typically handles issues related to domestic animals. As a specialized pest control company, Pro Wildlife Removal focuses on wildlife problems, dealing with animals like bats, raccoons, and snakes. Our expertise lies in managing wildlife issues that require specific removal and exclusion techniques.

We handle a variety of wildlife problems, from bats living in attics to snakes in gardens. Our team is equipped to professionally solve issues involving a wide range of wildlife species, ensuring safe and humane removal from unwanted areas on your property. You can be sure that there isn’t a critter problem we can’t solve.

As a professional pest control company, our focus is on wildlife, such as rats, snakes, squirrels, bats, raccoons, etc. For issues involving domestic animals, we recommend contacting local animal services.

As a dedicated wildlife removal company, we bring specialized knowledge and skills to address complex wildlife issues. We not only remove the animals involved but also provide solutions like habitat modification, minor repairs, and preventive measures to ensure long-term resolution, unlike other wildlife removal companies.

Absolutely. Our services include addressing damage caused by wildlife. We perform minor repairs to seal entry points and restore areas where wildlife has caused disruptions, ensuring your property is secure against future intrusions.

If you discover bats in your attic, it’s important to handle the situation carefully due to legal protections for bats. Contact us for professional advice and removal services. We ensure safe, legal, and effective solutions to resolve your bat-related issues.

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