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Are you grappling with unwanted wildlife on your property in Hernando County? Pro Wildlife Removal is here to offer swift, reliable solutions to your most pressing wildlife challenges. We understand the stress and urgency that come with wildlife infestations, and our team is committed to providing immediate, effective, and humane wildlife control services in Hernando County.


Expert Wildlife Control to the Rescue

Specializing in a range of wildlife management solutions, we cater to homeowners and businesses alike, ensuring that your property is promptly and safely cleared of any unwelcome visitors. Our experienced professionals are equipped to handle a variety of wildlife scenarios, from the smallest intrusion to the most complex infestations. With Pro Wildlife Removal, you can rest assured that your wildlife problem will be addressed with the utmost professionalism and care, restoring peace and safety to your environment.

Our Diverse Range of Wildlife Removal Services

Pro Wildlife Removal is your go-to expert for comprehensive wildlife control and pest control services in Hernando County. We specialize in the humane and efficient removal of a variety of Florida wildlife, ensuring your property is free from unwanted guests. All of our services also include cleanup and prevention strategies. Our range of wildlife control services includes:

Bat Removal: Our team carefully and safely removes bats from your property, adhering to Florida’s wildlife protection laws for these vital nocturnal creatures. We also provide bat-proofing and other bird control solutions to prevent future infestations.

Raccoon Control: Raccoons can be a nuisance and a health hazard. Our Hernando raccoon removal process uses humane methods to remove them and secure your property against re-entry.

Rat and Rodent Management: Rats are a common problem in urban and suburban areas and pose a serious threat to our health and safety as they are carriers of disease. Our rat removal solutions effectively eliminate rat infestations and prevent their return.

Snake Removal: Encountering snakes can be alarming. Our experts safely remove snakes, including venomous snakes, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Armadillo Relocation: These unique creatures can damage lawns and gardens. We humanely trap and relocate armadillos, following Florida’s wildlife regulations.

Bee Hive Removal: Bees are crucial for the ecosystem but can be problematic when hives are too close to human habitation. We safely relocate hives to appropriate areas.

Duck Deterrence: Ducks can overpopulate and become a nuisance. We implement humane strategies to control duck populations and discourage them from nesting on your property.

Squirrel Control: Squirrels can cause significant property damage. Our wildlife control services safely remove squirrels and prevent them from re-entering your property. Call about our Hernando squirrel removal services today!

Opossum Removal: Opossums might look harmless but can be both destructive and a health hazard. We use safe, humane methods to remove them from your premises.

In addition to these services, we also provide dead animal removal, ensuring that any deceased wildlife on your property is safely and respectfully handled.

At Pro Wildlife Removal, we’re dedicated to resolving all your Florida wildlife concerns with efficient, responsible, and humane methods. Our experienced team in Hernando County is well-equipped to handle any wildlife challenge, ensuring your space is safe, secure, and free from pests.

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Our Process for Wildlife Removal in Hernando County

Your Problem, Our Solution

At Pro Wildlife Removal, we follow a systematic, humane approach to wildlife control and removal in Hernando County. Our stress-free wildlife removal process is designed to address your animal control issues effectively while ensuring the safety of both the animals and our clients. Here’s an overview of how we handle a typical wildlife removal scenario:

Full Inspection & Estimate

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small job or a large job; Give our expert wildlife control team a call and we’ll provide you with a free quote and schedule a prompt visit to your property for a comprehensive assessment. Our wildlife control experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify the type and extent of the wildlife issue and the steps we will need to take to ensure efficient removal and prevention.

Customized Action Plan

Based on our assessment, we develop a customized action plan tailored to your specific situation. This plan outlines the steps needed for effective removal and prevention, ensuring 100% clarity and transparency of the process from A-Z and the fees involved.

Humane Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Utilizing humane trapping and safe removal techniques, we safely capture and relocate the wildlife according to Florida’s state laws and environmental protection regulations. This process may involve many service trips to ensure complete removal. For species like bats and bees, we employ exclusion and relocation methods that respect the specific wildlife protection laws related to these species.

Damage Repair and Exclusion:

We assess and repair any damage caused by the wildlife intrusion, such as holes in roofs or walls, chewed wiring, or damaged insulation. From minor repairs to major ones, we can fix it. Exclusion techniques are then implemented to prevent future entry of pests, securing your property against further.

Sanitization and Decontamination:

Our team conducts thorough sanitization and decontamination of the affected areas to eliminate health risks. We ensure your property is 100% clean and safe post-removal.

Ongoing Support and Prevention Tips:

Our wildlife control work includes guidance on how to minimize future unwanted wildlife encounters. Our team is available for and happy to provide ongoing support and can offer regular property inspections if required.

Emergency Services:

If you’re experiencing an urgent wildlife problem, we offer 24/7 emergency services to swiftly address the issue. Call us now for same-day service and a free price estimate!

Each step in our process is executed with utmost professionalism and respect for Florida’s diverse wildlife. Our animal removal team in Hernando County is committed to providing effective, ethical wildlife control solutions, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Why Choose Professional Wildlife Removal Services

At Pro Wildlife Removal, we understand that when you encounter wildlife on your property, you need a solution that is safe, humane, and effective. When dealing with a critter problem or wild animals, you should always seek professional guidance from pest control companies. At Pro Wildlife Removal, our expert wildlife control services guarantee you:

Expertise and Experience:

We bring years of animal control experience and specialized knowledge to every job. Our fully Florida-licensed and insured wildlife control experts can accurately identify different wildlife species, understand their behaviors, and implement the most effective removal strategies. Our expertise ensures a safe and successful removal process, protecting both your family and the animals involved.

Humane and Ethical Approach:

We are committed to humane and ethical wildlife control. This commitment is not just to the animals but also to adhering to local wildlife protection laws. Using humane trapping methods, we ensure animals are safely relocated to appropriate habitats, respecting their well-being.

Health and Safety Prioritization:

Wildlife can pose various health risks, and we are equipped to handle these challenges safely. Our methods significantly reduce the risk of disease transmission. With the right protective gear and tools, we prevent injuries, ensuring the safety of our team and your family.

Long-Term Solutions:

Our service extends beyond just removal. We provide solutions to prevent future wildlife problems, including sealing entry points and advising on property upkeep. This comprehensive approach is a long-term investment in your property’s safety and tranquility.

Adherence to Legal Standards:

We are well-versed in the legal aspects of wildlife removal services. Our methods comply with all relevant laws and regulations, providing you with hassle-free service.

Your Peace of Mind:

We understand the stress that wildlife issues can cause. By choosing a professional pest control company, you’re ensuring that your problem is handled thoroughly and efficiently, with no loose ends. Many of our services come with guarantees and follow-up support.

At Pro Wildlife Removal, we’re not just removing wildlife; we’re providing a service that keeps your property secure and helps maintain the delicate balance between urban spaces and nature in Hernando County.

When it Comes to Wild Animal Removal, Trust the Pros.

Choose Pro Wildlife Removal for reliable, humane, and expert service. Let us take care of your wildlife issues, so you can focus on what’s important – enjoying a safe and serene living or working environment.

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When dealing with wildlife issues in Brooksville, FL, or its surrounding areas, immediate action is crucial. The possibility of the situation worsening highlights the need for swift intervention. Choosing Pro Wildlife Removal ensures you have access to quick and skilled solutions, effectively stopping the issue from escalating further.

No matter what kind of wildlife control problem you’re facing, Pro Wildlife Removal Services in Brooksville is here to help. Contact us today for more information about our professional wildlife removal services or to schedule an appointment. With our experienced staff on hand, you can be sure that whatever issue arises, we’ll take care of it quickly and efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with unwanted critters again!