Full-Service Wildlife Removal IN Land O Lakes

Pro Wildlife Removal in Land O Lakes is the best wildlife removal and animal remediation in town. We are fully equipped and highly trained to help you take control of wildlife infestation in your homes and commercial properties.

Land O Lakes is considered one of the happiest places to live in the Pasco Country area in Florida because of its warm weather all year long. This nice residential area was the set of the popular 1990 movie,, “Edward Scissorhands.”

One of the best and most popular attractions in Land o’ Lakes is the American Balloons – A hot air balloon adventure company that allows you to fly over the beautiful terrain of East Pasco County where nature and wildlife abound. Whether you are a lake resident or here for a quick getaway, you must give the American Balloons a try, at least once. There is so much more to the Lakes than the warm weather and beautiful homes.

For nature lovers, Conner Preserve is perfect for hiking, biking, and horse-back riding. You can see butterflies, birds and all kinds of animals, even feral hogs on some of the trails.

Our Land O Lakes Animal Trapping Services

Bee Handling Services

Bees thrive in the area. The presence of bees is a natural sign that the environment is healthy, and the ecosystem is doing well. Land o’ Lakes being a small town, bees are bound to visit residential and commercial areas sometimes.

Bees are nature’s little helpers. They mustn’t be harmed when you find them in your backyard.Call Pro Wildlife Removal in Land O Lakes, for the safe removal of these little animals. We can keep you safe and preserve wildlife at the same time.

bee removal

Bat Handling Services

The bats found in the lakes are insectivorous. They eat insects and other flying pests, so they can be considered nature’s natural pest control. They mustn’t be killed or harmed if you find them lost in your garage, attic, or in your office.

Bats require special handling. We have the team and the equipment to do that. Give us a call or email us for a schedule. Our number is 1-727-594-7705 .

Duck Handling Services

Ducks, especially Muscovy ducks, are becoming a big problem in Land O Lakes. They leave droppings everywhere in residential and commercial areas, causing costly damage to properties.

Let us remove them for you. We are the number one pest control Land o Lakes business in the area. We guarantee to safely remove wildlife animals.

duck removal
rat removal

Rat Handling Services

Rats are dirty, nuisance pests that need to be removed from your property right away. Rats can cause severe and costly damages by chewing on walls, wires and other structures of the property. They are a wildlife control headache.

Avoid touching or doing the pest removal yourself. To remove these animals, one must use safety gear and equipment. Our wildlife removal in Land O Lakes experts keeps up to date with the newest technology in wildlife control.

Squirrel Handling Services

Squirrels are not dangerous, but they can cause damage to your home and business area. Squirrels chew on trees, walls, plants, etc. They dig holes and can live in your garage or attics for a long time.

Squirrel removal needs special equipment, like trappers, to ensure humane removal and release.

squirrel removal

Opossum Handling Services

Opossums are one of the worst lakes pest control problems. They pose severe health risks to humans. Their feces and urine, as well as a nasty bite, can be dangerous if not treated or addressed immediately.

Pro Wildlife Removal uses animal trappers to safely remove the animals and give you back full control of your residence, free of worries.

Raccoon Handling Services

Raccoons can cause bodily harm and structural damage to properties. If you find one or a family of raccoons inside your property, stay away and call Pro Wildlife Removal in Land O lakes.

Our technicians have over a decade of experience in raccoon removal and release. We do after-removal services to assess the damage and provide cleaning services and advice so you can take control of your property.

Hog Handling Services

Feral hogs call Land o’ lakes home. You might encounter one during one of your hikes or during a drive around town. Most of the time, hogs stay away from people, but they can cause serious bodily harm when provoked or threatened, and have been known to kill humans.

You need experts to remove hogs from a residence or business. Hogs are strong and aggressive; it is easier to handle them using trappers. Pro Wildlife Removal in Land O Lakes uses only the best trappers the industry has to offer.

Armadillo Handling Services

Armadillos are aggressive diggers. In their search for food – insects, bugs and other pests, they will end up in your garden causing havoc. If left alone, the damage can become very costly. They may even dig extensive burrows under your yard, lawn, or field.

Pro Wildlife Removal has a proven track record with wildlife removal in Land O Lakes, especially armadillos.

armadillo removal
snake removal

Snake Handling Services

Snakes are terrifying. Venomous or not, they scare the living lights out of everyone.

Don’t panic, just keep your distance. Wait for the Pro Wildlife Removal in Land O Lakes to remove the snake safely and release them to a safer place.

Why Pro Wildlife Removal in Land O Lakes?

Handling wildlife is dangerous for both humans and animals. It is better to let wildlife removal experts do the job to keep everyone safe and happy. Pro Wildlife Removal in Land O Lakes has been the leader in the industry in the entire Florida State for over ten years now.

Contact Pro Wildlife Removal

Our phone lines are open 24/7, with no holiday, no breaks. Call us at 727-594-7705 .

It is important to keep our wildlife safe and thriving. Make sure that you let the certified professionals handle them for your safety and theirs.

Pro Wildlife Removal Land O Lakes is your industry leader in wildlife removal with top-notched customer service.