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Pro Wildlife Removal New Port Richey is the top authority in wildlife control in the area. We are your go-to experts on wildlife control in the region. No one can match our top-notch animal trapping and removal services.

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New Port Richey is nestled in the Orange Lake area, located along the Gulf of Mexico where the Pithlachascotee River flows through on its way to the Gulf. With natural ecosystems in abundance, New Port Richey’s wildlife is vast and diverse.

Port Richey has a strong cultural heritage. It hosts the yearly Chasco Fiesta that celebrates its Native American heritage and culture for 11 days. The riverbanks come alive with colors and fun festivities like floats, boat parades, and more.

Among the most popular destinations in the city is the Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park where you can go fishing and paddle in your owned or rented canoes or kayaks. You can see all kinds of water and land-based wildlife animals in the park. Dolphins, gophers, tortoises, gray foxes, and all kinds of birds call the park home.

Bald Eagles, Leucistic Red-tailed Hawks, Black Rails, Roseate Spoonbills, Raptors, and many other local and migratory birds can be seen all year long.

Having a bounty of beautiful nature and wildlife, New Port Richey residents are bound to get a visit or a memorable encounter with its wildlife occasionally. But don’t fret, Pro Wildlife Removal is at your beck and call 24/7. Call us anytime for emergency wildlife removal in New Port Richey or for a scheduled appointment.

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Snake Trappers

There are 44 species of native snakes in Florida, and a handful of them are venomous. The Timber Rattlesnake, which is venomous, has a nasty habit of invading homes, industrial areas, businesses, buildings, and commercial areas in New Port Richey.  The poisonous Copperhead snake also calls New Port Richey home.

When you find a snake near you, don’t stay to try and find out if it is venomous or not. Stay as far away as you can and keep the area closed for your safety and the safety of the snake.

And Call the snake removal experts at Pro Wildlife Removal New Port Richey right away.

Snake Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal
Rat Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal

Rat Trappers

Rats are the most common pest anywhere. It is a problem in Newport as well. Rat problems can lead to bigger ones because rats are common prey for snakes, birds, coyotes and other animals that are harder to control.

Pro Wildlife Removal New Port Richey has been doing Rat Removal for over a decade now. We go the extra mile by helping you keep these critters from ever coming back to your homes or workplace. We will clean and fix the damage and recommend critter control treatments that will prevent them from making a home in your property.

Bat Trappers

Bats do wonders for the environment. We want to protect their population and respect their habitat. But we do not want them invading our homes, offices, business, or schools.

Call Pro Wildlife Removal New Port Richey at  727-594-7722 for a quick solution to your bat situation. Our bat removal pros We will remove the bats safely so you can get back to your daily grind

Bat Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal
Bee Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal

Bee Trappers

Bees belong in the wild or in an apiary, not in your backyard or attic. Many people have life-threatening allergies to bees, and bees can sting without warning. And once one bee stings, the rest will follow. It’s best to stay as far away as possible to maintain your safety. 

Let our New Port Richey’s best Bee Removal experts remove them safely and release them back to the wild.

Duck Trappers

Duck Removal is in demand in the New Port Richey area. Ducks, especially Muscovy ducks, have become a big nuisance in the last few years, and residents are not pleased. 

Call our wildlife control New Port Richey experts and let us do the dirty work for you. We’re licensed to trap and relocate Muscovy ducks in the state of Florida.

Duck Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal
Armadillo Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal

Armadillo Trappers

Armadillos are gentle animals and do not attack people. Although, when they wander into backyards, gardens and commercial areas, they can cause pretty significant damage to your land. Armadillos will dig large holes and underground tunnels in your yard, tear up plants and vegetation, and cause structural damage to homes in their search for food and shelter.

Contact Pro Wildlife Removal New Port Richey for fast Armadillo removal of the animal and get your yard or field back in tiptop shape. 

Squirrel Trappers

Squirrels are cute, from afar. Inside your homes and offices, they are pests that need to be removed fast before they chew through your home or take up residence in your attic. 

We have a team of critter control experts who are ready 24/7 to help you with your squirrel removal needs. Call us right away!

Squirrel Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal
Hog Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal

Hog Trappers

Hogs or wild boars are becoming common sights in our residential neighborhoods, unfortunately, due to a loss of their habitat. They can be very dangerous animals and they will come in during the night and destroy an entire backyard in hours, while you’re sleeping peacefully.

Pro Wildlife Removal New Port Richey has a team of fully equipped, highly-skilled hog removal experts waiting for your call.

Opossum Trappers

Opossums are a common sight in New Port Richey. They usually keep out of our way but, occasionally, you will encounter them in your home or in your backyard. Opossums are pests because they carry with them diseases, parasites, and bad smells

Remember to always stay calm during these encounters and call for backup. Let the New Port Richey wildlife removal experts handle them for safe opossum removal.

Opossum Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal
Raccoon Trappers | Pro Wildlife Removal

Raccoon Trappers

Pro Wildlife Removal New Port Richey has over 10 years of experience in raccoon removal. We have certified and highly-trained professionals who are ready to do a quick and flawless job.

Let us assess your property for wildlife control and find out if a family of raccoons has made it their home.

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