Pro Wildlife Removal is the leader for wildlife removal in Odessa Fl. We employ a team of professional technicians who are always ready for any emergency, 24/7. We rescue, control, trap and remove all types of wild animals that have found their way on your property.

Odessa Florida is a famous ranching and horse-raising town in Florida. It is home to Odessa Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary. Wildlife Removal in Odessa is the best wildlife removal Florida has to offer. The sanctuary has over five acres of land dedicated to bettering the lives of rescued animals.

The sanctuary is a perfect place to bring your kids to learn about animals and how to care for them. Getting a closer look at Florida wildlife will help instill love and respect for wildlife. You can see zebras, skunks, foxes, goats and many others.

You can also visit the Old McMicky’s Farm. It is a unique and hands-on educational farm for kids and kids at heart. Children can go there to learn about farming life.

The farm has interactive farm tours where kids can enjoy a barn maze, adventures, and hayrides. You can milk a cow, go on a pony ride, and catch a chicken. They have all kinds of fun farm activities.

Wildlife Removal in Odessa Fl Services

Odessa Bat handlers

Bats are common Odessa wildlife removal concerns. When they start living in your attics or other dark, cool spaces in your property, they will not go away. You will need professional help for a safe wildlife removal in Odessa FL

Bat removal is a complex process. Bats are protected under Florida law. Our Wildlife Removal in Odessa Fl professionals are well-versed in bat removal regulations.

We also have over 10 years of experience in critter control. You can rest easy; our team will take care of your Florida bat control problems. Our Wildlife Removal in Odessa Fl professionals are well-versed

Odessa Bee Handlers

Bees pollinate 30% of our crops. They are very important to our ecosystem. But bees do not belong in our homes, gardens or offices.

Bees can cause harm to people when they believe the safety of their hive is threatened. So, it is important to be careful.

Let our bee removal experts take care of the problem. We have the training and the proper gear and equipment for wildlife removal in Odessa FL. Stay safe and let the professionals handle it.

Odessa Duck Handlers

Ducks, specifically Muscovy ducks, are a top Florida pest control problem. They overpopulate in a short period of time and they leave feces all over residential and commercial property surfaces. It can accumulate quickly if not taken care of.

Our duck removal technicians are well-trained in the proper trapping and handling of wildlife removal in Odessa FL. Our team will ensure that the ducks are removed following all wildlife regulations.

Odessa Snake Handlers | Pro Wildlife Removal

Odessa Snake Handlers

It doesn’t matter if a snake is venomous or not. Both can deliver a nasty bite that can become infected.

Snake removal requires the use of live traps. You don’t want to handle that on your own. Our wildlife removal in Odessa FL team is equipped with industry-standard live traps for their safe removal and release.

Odessa Rat Handlers

Rats go where food is abundant. So, don’t be surprised if you find them in your kitchen and office pantry. They are a big Odessa pest control problem.

Rats are major health hazards in our community. You need a wildlife removal in Odessa FL team to exterminate them as soon as possible. Aside from the health risks, they can also cause severe damage to property.

Give our rat removal Odessa Fl team a call for a free assessment and quote. Let our technicians do the dirty work for you. We will not just remove the pests; we will help ensure they do not come back.

Odessa Squirrel Handlers

Squirrel removal is in demand in Odessa Florida. Squirrels love the Odessa landscape, so they thrive here. They can easily grow in numbers in a very short time.

If you have trees close to your home or building, squirrels can easily find their way in and make a new home in yours, inviting others to join them and accumulating feces and urine.

Quick removal is important before they’re able to reproduce and cause more destruction. Our wildlife removal in Odessa professionals have years of experience in squirrel removal.

Odessa Opossum Handlers

Opossums are aggressive, disease and parasite carrying animals. They carry lice, mites, ticks and fleas that can transfer to humans. They also carry diseases that are very harmful to our health, like rabies.

Our wildlife removal in Odessa Fl team is the #1 opossum removal in the area. We will remove nuisance animals quickly and safely. Our aim is to let people and wildlife live separately in peace.

Odessa Opossum Handlers | Pro Wildife Removal
Odessa Raccoon Handlers | Pro Wildlife Removal

Odessa Raccoon Handlers

Raccoons are cute, but they can pose all kinds of threats to people and properties. Raccoon removal is needed early on.

It is harder to remove wildlife when they have nested in your property for some time. So, early intervention is the best solution. Seek expert help as soon as you see signs of their presence.

Raccoon control is not for the faint-hearted. Raccoons can cause severe bodily harm when you are not trained in handling them. Our wildlife removal in Odessa Fl professionals have protective gear and proper training in wildlife handling.

Odessa Hog Handlers

Hogs are not uncommon in Odessa. They usually stay in their natural habitats, but sometimes they wander in residential and business areas in search of food.

Hogs are aggressive. They can cause severe damages and harm to people and properties. Let the Odessa hog removal professionals handle them.

Don’t be surprised to find your yard completely destroyed overnight when wild boars are near.

Odessa Hog Handlers | Pro Wildlife Removal

Odessa Armadillo Handlers

Armadillos are efficient diggers. They can wreak havoc in your gardens and backyards. In their search for food, they can damage foundations, pipes, etc. They will dig extensive underground burrows that can be dangerous for people to walk on or near.

We at Pro Wildlife Removal have the necessary tools and equipment to handle armadillo removal safely and humanely. It is our goal to make sure that both humans and animals are safe and secure, away from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Seek Professional Services for Raccoon Removal?

Raccoons may look cute and innocent, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are disease-carrying, wild animals that can become aggressive when provoked. You don’t want them making a nest in your attic because they will reproduce and accumulate a large amount of feces and urine which can cause damage to your ceiling and worse, spread disease.

Once You Exterminate the Rats, What’s next?

We offer sanitation and cleaning services so we can help you decontaminate and repair the site. We will also install exclusion barriers to prevent rats from returning.

Have a wildlife situation at your home or business? Seek professional help.