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Pro Wildlife Removal is the leading wildlife removal Spring Hill, Fl and pest control team. We strive to respect Spring Hill and its wildlife as it stands in the Nature Coast Region. Preserving the local wildlife and handling Florida animal removal issues safely and efficiently is our top priority.

Florida is full of diverse wildlife, so it’s not uncommon to find unwanted pests in your home. Animal removal is a critical part of keeping Florida wildlife separate from humans, ensuring the ongoing survival and protection of all Florida wildlife species, and the safety of the people who live near them.

There might be invasive species of wildlife in your area. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission urges you to remove these invasive species. You can rely on our wildlife removal Spring Hill, FL experts at any time to fulfill your wildlife control needs.

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Pro Wildlife Removal Spring Hill, FL Services

Spring Hill, Florida Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are a very common pest in Spring Hill, Florida, and we are available at all times to assist in removal of them.

Raccoons are smart, sneaky pests that are nocturnal. Due to their reclusiveness, it is hard to know if these pests are in your house. A raccoon’s preferred habitat in Spring Hill is an area with a heavy population.

Keep an eye out in your attic for any signs of wildlife, such as chewed up electrical wiring and displaced insulation. These issues caused by pests in Spring Hill result in fire hazards and reduce the energy efficiency in your home.

Wildlife removal in Spring Hill, FL is necessary in these instances, and we welcome any questions about pest control you may have.

Our licensed professionals for animal removal in Spring Hill, FL are happy to assist with your raccoon removal needs!

Spring Hill Florida Raccoon Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Let us know if you have suspicions that raccoons are in and around your property in Spring Hill.

Spring Hill Florida Squirrel Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

For your safety, give our licensed Wildlife Removal Spring Hill Fl experts a call to remove these pests.

Spring Hill, Florida Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are pervasive in Spring Hill, Florida, and they are not shy creatures. They have no problem making themselves known during the day, which can make them an easier pest to spot unlike other wildlife.

They will find a way to chew holes and make a nest in your home, which makes them difficult to remove. Watch for signs of wildlife such as chew marks, small holes, noises, odors, and feces.

These pests get comfortable in their new homes easily, and they could end up invading your home in Spring Hill for longer than you’d like if you don’t take action with our Animal Removal in Spring Hill, FL and squirrel removal service.

Like a lot of pests in the area, squirrels are capable of spreading disease.

Spring Hill, Florida Snake Removal

Pro Wildlife Removal wants you to be aware of several different species of dangerous snakes in your area of Spring Hill.

There are three different types of snakes that you should be on the lookout for and contact us for removal: rattlesnakes, coral snakes, and water moccasins. All of these snakes are dangerous wildlife and should be handled with caution by our animal removal in Spring Hill, FL professionals.

Rattlesnakes are wildlife with habitats in dry, wooded areas. Coral snakes live in rotting wood, vegetation, and compost piles. Water Moccasins can be found around small bodies of water in Spring Hill.

Burmese pythons are also common and are invasive in Spring Hill. It is best if they are reported to our Pro Wildlife Removal Spring Hill Fl experts and removed from the area.

If you find any snakes on your property, do not touch them! Let our snake removal experts handle them safely.

Spring Hill Florida Snake Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal
Spring Hill Florida Bat Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

The licensed experts at Pro Wildlife Removal are here to help with your bat removal Spring Hill Fl needs!

Spring Hill, Florida Bat Removal

There are many bat species in Spring Hill, Florida, and all of them are important to the ecosystem. Bats are important wildlife for killing mosquitoes and other insects and pests, and for pollination. However, bats can become a pest if they are inside your home because they carry diseases.

You can spot signs of a bat in your house by looking for feces in areas where it is easy for them to hang when they are sleeping, like your attic.

Bats are nocturnal and are good at hiding during the day, so check for any signs of wildlife. Again, bats are helpful for eradicating diseased insects and other wildlife. You want them to stay alive, just not in your home.

Spring Hill, Florida Bee Removal

In Spring Hill, Florida, there is one specific way to identify a bee in the structure of your house. You will know they are around when you see them flying in and out of crevices around your home.

Bees are extremely necessary wildlife for pollination in Florida and are dying out, so it is important that they are removed and transplanted safely by a bee removal Spring Hill Fl expert.

If the removed bees leave behind a hive in the walls of your building, it will attract other nuisance animals to your property and become a bigger problem for you.

That is why it is important to keep an eye out for them before they make it into the walls of your house in Spring Hill.

bees in a wax

Our Wildlife Removal Spring Hill Fl experts are able to remove them safely for you!

Spring Hill Florida Hog Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

To keep you safe, do not try to control or remove wild hogs yourself.

Spring Hill, Florida Hog Removal

The hog population in Spring Hill, Florida is still a concern and has not decreased, despite the state of Florida’s efforts to lower their population. Wild hogs are not native to central Florida and are a huge source of irritation for property owners. Thus, their population should be controlled more.

If feral hogs grow big enough, they can be dangerous to you and other wildlife. These pests are known to feed on other wildlife, and they can be detrimental to gardens as well. Feral hogs uproot the ground and disturb local vegetation in Spring Hill.

They are a pest and should be removed by our hog removal Spring Hill Fl professionals.

Spring Hill, Florida Armadillo Removal

Armadillos are very common pests and they do not have a lot of natural predators to help control their population in Spring Hill, FL. They grow to weigh about thirteen pounds and have a habit of digging holes where they should not in Spring Hill. Typically, these pests will dig holes under parts of your home.

This can compromise the stability of the foundation due to the sandy nature of the soil in the area.

Armadillos can also carry disease, and that is why their removal is so important. Make sure you call our armadillo removal Spring Hill Fl experts at Pro Wildlife Removal to remove armadillos safely.

Spring Hill Florida Opossum Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Spring Hill, Florida Opossum Removal

Opossums are one of the more docile and safe animals of the local wildlife in Spring Hill. They are afraid of humans and will generally stay out of contact with you. They are not known to carry rabies or diseases that other wildlife are known for.

However, that does not mean they are welcome in your home, and they should be removed. If an opossum is in your house, avoid direct contact with the opossum and let opossum removal experts take care of it.

Spring Hill, Florida Duck Removal

Ducks in Spring Hill, Florida are relatively harmless, but they can be an annoyance to you around your home. They can also tend to be very territorial wildlife. Ducks leave fecal matter around your property, which is not safe if you have pets or small children running around your yard.

They are harmful wildlife to any gardens or landscaping you may have in Spring Hill, and you should have us remove any ducks on your property. Once you’ve identified a duck problem in your yard, call the best duck removal experts at Pro Wildlife Removal.

Spring Hill Florida Duck Removal Pro Wildlife Removal
Spring Hill Florida Rat Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Spring Hill, Florida Rat Removal

Of all the local pests, rats are the ones you should watch out for. In Spring Hill, It is extremely common for them to be making a nest in your home, and they can populate quickly, since they are prolific breeders. They are known to spread diseases to humans and other wildlife.

Typically, these pests will chew through insulation and wiring in your home. The signs they are around are chew marks, droppings, and tiny dirty prints from their paws. As soon as you see the signs of one, contact us at Pro Wildlife Removal for rat removal.

Spring Hill, Florida Dead Animal Removal

Identifying dead wildlife and removing it from your property is important for reducing the risk of spreading disease. Your pets or children might come in contact with the carcass of dead wildlife and pick up a disease from the pest. Other wildlife might contract a disease from a dead animal and carry it to you.

Stay away from dead animals and contact us at Pro Wildlife Dead Animal Removal for their safe and efficient removal.

Spring Hill Florida Dead Animal Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Our licensed professionals at Pro Wildlife Removal are proficient in pest control in central Florida. Our staff are always happy to receive your call and put together an estimate of services.

Our animal removal experts are fully licensed and equipped with experience for handling your specific pest control and removal needs.


It is important to have pest removal experts you know you can trust in Spring Hill, and our team is glad to help!