The Villages is a census-designated place in Sumter County, Covered by Pro Wildlife Remover It shares its name with a broader master-planned age-restricted community that spreads into portions of Lake and Marion counties. The overall development lies in central Florida, approximately 20 miles (32 km) south of Ocala and approximately 45 miles (72 km) northwest of Orlando.

wildlife removal in the villages

The Villages is a census-designated place in Sumter County, Covered by Pro Wildlife Remover It shares its name with a broader master-planned age-restricted community that spreads into portions of Lake and Marion counties. The overall development lies in central Florida, approximately 20 miles (32 km) south of Ocala and approximately 45 miles (72 km) northwest of Orlando.

Squirrel Trapping

Squirrels are not supposed to make their home in your garden, porch, or anywhere inside your house for that matter. They are known to be a nuisance and cause severe damage to properties.

It’s fine if you see them roaming around Sherwood Forest RV Park when you are camping with your kids. But most people don’t want them getting too close for comfort. They belong in the wild, wreaking havoc in your home.

Pro Wildlife Removal in The Villages has a team of highly trained individuals who are experts in squirrel control.

Given the various animal rights and wildlife regulations, you can never go wrong by going with certified professionals like us for Squirrel Removal

squirrel trapping

For The Villages squirrel removal needs, give us a call at (352) 670-2297

Raccoon Trapping

raccoon trapping

Pro Wildlife Removal has over ten years of experience in wildlife removal The Villages. Our clients trust no other company for Raccoon Removal and wildlife removal.

Raccoons are one of the most common pests, making raccoon removal one of our top calls. They cause severe roof damage that can set you back a few hundred to thousands of dollars if you are not careful. When you see and hear signs of a raccoon infestation, give us a call right away.

Attics are a favorite hiding spot for wildlife in The Villages. They provide a dark and secure shelter that is rarely visited by humans.

Raccoons will tear up anything and everything inside your attic to build their nest. They can chew through air ducts, wires, wood, drywall, and insulation, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Opossum Trapping

Opossum Removal requires time and expertise that the average home or business owner does not have. You need to trap the animals using industry-standard tools and equipment to ensure the animal’s safety and yours as well.

The good news is, we at Pro Wildlife Removal have kept up to date with wildlife removal The Villages guidelines and regulations of materials and equipment. We will remove the animals safely with minimal stress, assess the damage done, and clean up and decontaminate the site.

It is important to keep your safety a top priority and approach with caution. Raccoons are disease carriers so please let the professionals handle them.

opossum trapping

Give us a call today so we can give you a free assessment.

Hog Trapping

hog trapping

Wild boars, in general, avoid crowded areas. They like their natural habitat where there are trees and bushes away from the city noise. But it’s becoming more and more common to see them in our The Villages neighborhoods, distressed or looking for food.

The Villages have plenty of seafood shacks and restaurants that may attract hogs and cause them to travel away from their natural habitat. The smell of food can be hard to resist.

Hogs are strong and easily agitated. They are aggressive and unpredictable. They are known to attack without warning.

Wild boars are protected by legislation, so you must let the Hog Removal experts handle the hog business for a safe and quick resolution.

Snake Trapping

Snakes are everywhere in The Villages, Fl. Whether they are venomous or not, people tend to panic when they see one. And for good reason.

Snakes become aggressive when provoked or hurt. Although most snakes in The Villages are not venomous, snake bites are still painful and can cause infection.

Our expert team at Pro Wildlife Removal in The Villages is seasoned and trained in Snake Removal. Safely removing these animals and releasing them back to the wild where they belong.

Snakes shouldn’t be making their home in ours. They belong in the wild where they are safe, and so are we.

snake removal

Armadillo Trapping

armadillo trapping

Armadillos are not aggressive but can cause real damage to properties. They do not usually wander away from their natural habitat but when they do, expect some serious damage.

The reasons they wander into your property is to search for food and habitat. Armadillos eat insects by the hundreds. They love ants and bugs.
They don’t mean to trespass, they are just hungry. But they will destroy your yard if left alone.

When you see an armadillo in your backyard, call Pro Wildlife Removal in The Villages right away and let our Armadillo Removal experts do the job.

Rat Trapping

Rat removal is a prominent need when it comes to wildlife control in The Villages. Rats grow in numbers rapidly and are extremely difficult to eradicate. They are dirty, disease-ridden critters that do not belong in your home or business.

Sometimes, the average rat traps and rat poisons just don’t work, and they usually aren’t safe for our ecosystem. Rats, mice, and other small rodents are intelligent creatures. Our critter control crew is your best choice in abatement.

Pro Wildlife Removal in The Villages is the number one authority in wildlife removal. We will not just resolve your rat issue, we will also ensure they can’t return with our proprietary exclusion techniques.

The main problem with rats and mice is that they are very persistent. When you remove one, ten more appear. Pro Wildlife Removal in The Villages will put a stop to that once and for all.

Duck Trapping

duck removal

Ducks are a common sight in Florida. In fact, they have become quite a nuisance. Duck overpopulation has caused issues for property owners everywhere.

One notorious duck species, the Muscovy duck, has become an invasive species in Florida. They are a nuisance to home-owners and business owners alike.

Ducks leave droppings everywhere – decks, roofs, gutters, car windows, and anything else with a surface. Duck droppings can carry dangerous bacteria, so it should be avoided.

We can take care of your duck problem. Call Pro Wildlife’s Duck Removal professionals at 352-670-2297. Our phone lines are open 24/7, no breaks, no holidays.

Bat Trapping

Bats are important to our ecosystem. They may look devilish but they are a critical species. Bottom line – they must be protected.

But bats don’t belong in your home, attic, or business. Call our The Villages bat removal team to safely remove these creatures and return them to their natural habitat.

Bats like damp, dark places, so it’s no wonder why they find your attic so appealing. And they will move in by the thousands if not handled quickly. The experts at Pro Wildlife Removal in The Villages are equipped and prepared to remove every single bat, safely and securely, and make sure that they don’t return again.

More importantly, we will follow the strict regulations required by law to protect these vital animals, ensuring their survival and health throughout the trapping and removal process.

bat removal
Our Bat Removal experts will decontaminate the mess that the bats will surely leave behind.

Bee Trapping

Pro Wildlife Removal in The Villages is the most trusted authority in bee removal in the area. We have the skills and the equipment to safely remove the bees so you can breathe easily.

Honey bee farming is a rising industry in The Villages. There are educational bee farms that are open to visits from the public in order to raise awareness of the importance of bees in our local communities. Some even sell organic honey and other products during the tour.

Check out Bayshore Bees, Bluemoon Mountain Farm, and Castillo Honey Inc. They are a growing tourist attraction in the area and are great opportunities to learn about beekeeping in Palm Harbor.

Wildlife animals, like bees, are a major aspect of The Villages life. Just remember not to panic, keep your distance, and wait for help to come. With our help, It is possible to protect and not harm these animals while keeping yourself and your property safe.

Pro Wildlife Removal The Villages is the leading expert in animal removal. We have over ten years of expertise under our belts. We use industry-standard, animal-friendly equipment and deploy only the best and highly-skilled professionals for all animal removal calls.

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