Pro Wildlife Removal Service Process

Pro Wildlife Removal is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and machinery. Our Animal removal experts and trappers are certified experts. Call us for more!

Pro Wildlife Removal Services is only a phone call away.

From your first call, we make an initial assessment from your description to prepare the necessary equipment and assign the right people for the job.

With that initial information, we will give you an estimated quote for the required service.

If time permits, we can attend to your critter troubles on the same day you made the call and be at your problem area within hours. If not, we’ll be able to attend to you on the next day. 

Pro Wildlife Removal Service Process | Pro Wildlife Removal

Our step-by-step process for all our services ensures you get the best service possible for all of your inspection, trapping, exclusion, clean-up, monthly population control, and damage repair/decontamination needs.

Pro Wildlife Removal Inspection Process

Pro Wildlife crew holding a racoon

A thorough inspection and situation assessment is the most critical part of dealing with any animal issue safely and efficiently.  One of our technicians will come out at the scheduled time in a labeled truck, dressed in a professional uniform, and begin inspecting your property.

This includes the interior, exterior, the yard, the attic, any detached structures, etc. to ensure that nothing is missed. Once our evaluation of the situation is complete, we will devise a plan of action and begin resolving the issue.

Pro Wildlife Removal Services


Pro Wildlife Removal Attic Restoration

Animal infestations within a home or attic can come with many issues. Animals in an attic may defecate and urinate on virtually everything, gnaw on wiring/HVAC components, degrade your insulation value, and even cause health problems. Pro Wildlife Removal has the attic/crawlspace restoration service you need in order to get things back as they need to be.


Pro Wildlife Removal Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb removal may seem like a very frightening and dangerous task – and it is if you don’t get the help that you need. Failure to remove a honeycomb correctly can result in significant infestation of other hungry insects looking for a free meal. Untended honeycomb will also rot and decay, causing order and moisture damage. Pro Wildlife Removal Honeycomb Removal Service employs the safest, and cleanest processes to prevent further damage to your home.


Pro Wildlife Removal Exclusion

Our homes can be victims to unwanted animal visitors – and no one wants to be pestered with these creatures for they can also serve as a threat to the you and your family’s safety and welfare. Pro Wildlife Removal Exclusion Service is sure to keep these unwanted animals out of your area of residence. We use only the best and strongest products in order to ensure a long lasting, animal proof barrier.


Pro Wildlife Removal Home Repairs & Restoration

Monthly population control services can be the most effective way to prevent future re-infestation of your home or commercial property. Pro Wildlife Removal offers population management programs for virtually every species of animal found in Florida. Inquire today to find out if this is the right option for you.


Pro Wildlife Removal Dead Animal Removal

Removal of a dead animal may not seem like a difficult process but there can be many hazards. Deceased creatures often have their parasites (Fleas, ticks, leptospira, etc.) looking for a new host, bottle flies, maggots, and other insects feeding on the remains can be vectors for diseases. Leave the dead animal removal to the professionals at Pro Wildlife Removal. Call today to book your inspection.

Repairs and Other Related Services

Each animal case is unique to itself and a customized solution catered to you is the only effective way to resolve it. We offer many services including: Home repairs, bee removal, all trapping services, emergency animal removal, etc. Call today with all of your animal service needs.

Rulers of the Central Florida Backyard: The Red Fire Ant Colony

A single fire ant or a couple might not pose a threat to you and your home, but once these little red soldiers clump in a group – they can render extreme damage to your home and even pose as a fatal threat to your life. FACT: Red Fire Ant Colonies are responsible for $600 million worth of damages annually. Red Fire Ants are invasive creatures and their stinging bites are a very serious matter. Red Fire Ants tend to come in swarms, and they have been reported to be the cause of death for nursing home patients before.

We are experts when it comes to identifying the presence of Red Fire Ants in your area by spotting mounds or lumps of soil in your backyard. These are usually the homes for these ants. Although, it is no easy task to approach these homes for once these ants sense danger, they tend to send their soldiers to defend their home. The key to dealing with these colonies are using liquid insecticides and pouring these inside the opening of the mounds. There should be sufficient insecticides to kill the queen ant.

Red Fire Ant related issues should not be taken lightly, they can easily cause harm to you and most especially to children. Their presence should be dealt with quickly and immediately to prevent further damages.

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