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Pro Wildlife Removal is a Full Service Licensed and Insured Wildlife Removal & Remediation Company. We pride ourselves on our top notch customer service and results. All of our technicians have extensive knowledge pertaining to all Florida wildlife. We service both residential and commercial properties across the Central Florida Area. Pro Wildlife Removal provides humane wildlife removal and remediation services for almost any species. Our prices are based one time fees regardless of the amount of trips or animals removed. Technicians are skilled and trained experts at solving your wildlife issues in a quick and discrete manner. Give us a call today for your free estimate!

Our Comprehensive Wildlife Removal Services

Pro Wildlife Removal offers comprehensive wildlife removal services, specializing in safe and efficient removal of various animals from residential and commercial properties. And we always provide a free inspection and estimate.
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Removal, Exclusion, & Clean-Up

Pro Wildlife Removal is your all-in-one solution, providing trapping and removal, expert exclusion measures, and meticulous clean-up services

Trapping and Removal

Our team employs only humane methods of animal removal. Humane live trapping is the method of choice in most situations. We use many types of traps and tools in order to remove animals affectively and quickly, while avoiding unnecessary stress to the animal.


Part of removing an animal from within or under a structure such as a home or office is to make sure there are no available openings for the animals to come and go freely. Closing these entry points is a key step in making sure that once your animal is out, another one does not move in.

Clean-up Service

Often there is damage done and contamination left behind once an animal inhabits a crawlspace or attic. We offer a full range of clean up services for virtually every animal mess. We offer antimicrobial treatments, ozone treatments, attic restorations, vacuum services, interior sanitizing, etc.

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