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For several years Pro Wildlife Removal has been the industry leader in pest removal in the Central Florida area. When it comes to critters and your home, we know how to safely and efficiently resolve the issue so that you can get back to living the way you’d like to, without pesky home intruders.

Pro Wildlife Removal is Your Industry Leader in Armadillo Removal Central Florida

We have a proven track record in armadillo removal Central Florida along with industry-backed certifications and required licensing. Our team of wildlife removal experts are trained to respond to your unique wildlife removal needs, enlisting our proprietary techniques supported by top-of-the-line industry tools.

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What type of damage can armadillos cause to your Central Florida property?

Although armadillos can be considered helpful critters because of their affinity to feed on pest insects like cockroaches, ants, flies, and wasps, the damage they will cause to your property in search of food far outweighs any benefits they made provide.

Armadillos are one of the most impressive diggers. They will dig numerous holes in your soil, ranging from 1-3 inches deep and 3-5 inches wide. In the process of digging for food, they will tear up grass and garden beds and often cause severe structural damage – cracking foundation and pipes.

The holes left in your yard, field, farm, pasture, lawn, golf course, or land pose a danger to people and livestock and the structural damage can cost you large amounts of money to repair.

If you suspect armadillos have made your Central Florida property their home, contact Pro Wildlife Removal before the damage is done. Call us now for a free estimate and consultation on your Armadillo removal Central Florida needs.

What type of damage can armadillos cause to your Tampa property | Pro Wildlife Removal

Do you need Armadillo removal Central Florida? 3 signs to look for

Have you seen any of these three signs of an armadillo intrusion? Call Pro Wildlife Removalnow and let us handle your Armadillo removal Central Florida needs.

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Pro Wildlife Removal can help

The wildlife removal experts at Pro Wildlife Removal have years of experience under their belts in armadillo removal Central Florida. When it comes to armadillo removal, you should enlist experts to not only remove the armadillos from your property, but to also restore and repair the damage caused by them.

Because armadillos pose a threat to human safety due to their underground burrows which cause the ground to become unstable, it’s important that these burrows be restored properly to reestablish ground stability.

The professionals at Pro Wildlife Removal adhere to a proven guideline that removes pests from your home or place of business safely and efficiently while also assessing the damage caused by them and offering tips and additional services to repair damage, clean up messes, and establish any necessary boundaries to prevent them from returning.

Give Pro Wildlife Removal a call today. We’ll listen to your problem and let you know how our experts can help with your Armadillo removal Central Florida needs.

Pro Wildlife Removal’s 3-step process for Armadillo removal Central Florida

The highly experienced wildlife removal technicians at Pro Wildlife Removal follow a 3-step process that addresses all your needs when experiencing an invasion of armadillos or any other pests. The goal of our Armadillo removal Central Florida process is to eliminate the problem by removing the critters, taking action to ensure they can’t return, and cleaning up the mess they leave behind. This 3-step process is proven to work because it prioritizes preventative and corrective action, coming full circle and closing any gaps, ensuring that our work exceeds standards, every time.

Trapping and Removal
Trapping and Removal

The first step is to safely trap and remove all the armadillos who have invaded your property. Our process is safe for the animals and safe for you, employing only humane methods and causing as little stress as possible to both the animals involved, our employees, and to you and your home.


This step addresses preventative action, establishing barriers that discourage or prevent the armadillos from returning. The last thing we want is to remove the pests just to have them show up again in the future. We’ll help you take the appropriate steps to protect your home or place of business from future armadillo invasions.

Clean Up
Clean Up

Armadillos are highly destructive animals and may make your ground a dangerous place to walk on. We’ll take necessary action to restore your ground to secure and stable state once again by seeking all holes and underground burrows these critters may have built.

Our Armadillo removal Central Florida process is guaranteed to meet the highest safety and humane animal-handling standards in Central Florida. Our professional technicians are licensed by various government and non-government agencies to ensure that our wildlife removal services meet the highest standards, especially yours.

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