There are 13 species of bats living in Florida, 5 of which are found in the Central Florida area. All of the bats found in Florida are insectivorous (feed on insects). A single bat can eat hundreds of insects in just one day.

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Bats are extremely important to our ecosystem in Central Florida because they control insect populations and are also important pollinators for many agricultural crops. But sometimes bats establish themselves in unwanted areas, causing a nuisance to Central Florida residents and business owners.

The bat species commonly found in Central Florida are the Brazillian free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) and the Evening bat (Nycticeius humeralis). Knowing the species of bat that has colonized your home or business is the first step in understanding the proper method to use in safe removal and exclusion.

You can trust the licensed wildlife experts at Pro Wildlife Removal to assess your bat problem with careful expertise acquired over many years of performing bat removal in Central Florida.

Bat colony numbers can reach the thousands if not stopped early. Once a bat colony has established itself in a safe, warm environment, such as your attic, chimney, garage, or roof, they aren’t likely to leave. Their numbers will keep growing year after year until they are forcefully removed and prevented from returning.

Pro Wildlife Removal’s technicians have the experience and extensive knowledge necessary to provide the highest quality bat removal and exclusion services in Central Florida. We respond to whole bat colony infestations along with any single bats that may be flying loose. 

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Our Bat Removal in Central Florida Process

Bats roosting in your attic?

If you find a bat in your home, it’s possible that an entire colony has established itself somewhere in your house, such as your attic or chimney. Our licensed professionals complete a thorough audit of your home or building for a bat colony infestation, as they can oftentimes be difficult to locate due to their small size and natural instinct to hide. We know exactly how and where to look to find them.

If you hear sounds coming from your attic, or see heavy bat activity around your home, it’s possible a bat colony is roosting in your attic. At the first sign of bats, you should take action and call your trusted experts at Pro Wildlife Removal before the problem grows larger.

It’s important to remove bats from your property due to the waste they accumulate and the possible zoonotic diseases they may carry, including rabies. Bat guano, or waste, can accumulate over time and may carry dangerous parasites. Bats also produce a strong smell through their scent glands, which grows stronger with a higher population of bats.

Bat waste, over time, can also cause infrastructure damage to your home or building. It’s best to remove bats at the first sign of infestation, to prevent costly repairs in the future.

At Pro Wildlife Removal, we employ certified, legal, and humane methods in Bat removal in Central Florida. Bats are protected under Florida law, and we respect that. We’re dedicated to protecting all wildlife, while keeping your safety and comfort at the heart of what we do.

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Bat removal in Central Florida is a complex process, in part because bats are complex animals that are protected under Florida law. If you don’t understand how bats live and operate, then you shouldn’t attempt to handle them in any way on your own. Doing so may result in injury to you or the bat, and your effort will most likely result in failure.

To ensure the bat removal in Central Florida process is done in the safest and most efficient way while following Florida’s bat protection laws, your best option is to enlist a Bat removal and exclusion licensed professional. With over a decade of experience, our Bat removal in Central Florida process provides you with peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right, the first time.

Florida law prohibits bat removal or exclusion to be performed from April 16 to August 14, since this is their maternity season – when mother bats are raising their young. During this time, young bats do not leave home. If you set up an exclusion barrier, the baby bats will be left to starve to death.

Not only is this inhumane, but it could also cause a health hazard for you. It is also illegal to willfully kill bats under Florida law. The only option to rid a bat colony from your home or place of business is to set up an exclusion barrier. This prevents the bats from returning once they have exited. Your property will also need to be evaluated for any other potential entryways because the bats will attempt to regain entry multiple times over the next few years. Our trusted process ensures all bats are safely removed and don’t have any opportunity to return again.

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For over 10 years,our trained and licensed wildlife removal technicians have been perfecting their expertise in Bat removal and exclusion. Since it must be executed carefully and cautiously, it can be a tedious, process. Don’t try it on your own. Our bat removal in Central Florida and exclusion process ensures that all bats are safely and carefully removed and that no bats are able to infiltrate in the future. 

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On-site Evaluation
On-site Evaluation

First, our certified bat removal in Central Florida experts will come on-site to evaluate the building where the bats have established themselves and determine what type of bats we are dealing with. This involves scoping out their entry/exit points, which may be numerous. This step takes careful observation and a trained eye because bats can navigate through holes smaller than an inch in diameter.

Create Exclusions
Create Exclusions

Next, we will “bat-proof” the building, sealing up any holes that could pose as possible entry/exit points for the bats, once the primary point is no longer available. This needs to be done carefully to ensure that the holes are sealed permanently. Because bats have great memories, they will return to the site many times over the next few years in an attempt to gain entry again. After all other possible entry/exit points are sealed, we will then focus on their primary entry/exit way. We will set up an exclusion barrier to ensure that once the bats exit, they cannot re-enter. This is a humane, safe, and highly-efficient way of removing and excluding bats. It does not cause any harm to them. After we are sure that all bats have exited the building, we will then permanently seal up the primary hole. With all other holes sealed, the bats won’t have an opportunity to return.

Clean Up
Clean Up

The last step in our process involves cleaning up and decontaminating the site. This is an important step to eliminate any potential health hazard the bats may have left behind with their urine and feces.

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