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If you believe you have a dead animal in your home or business, it’s important to call in the dead animal removal Tampa FL professionals. Our experts will track down the carcass, safely remove it, decontaminate the area, and set up any necessary exclusions to prevent future animal intrusions.

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As you may be aware, the worst type of pest issue you can experience in your home is a dead animal. 

It can be very difficult to track down an animal once it has died in your ceiling, attic, or crawl space. 

The smell is not always a reliable clue because it tends to spread throughout your home or building. And the scent of a dead carcass may attract other pests as well.

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We have a proven track record in dead animal removal Tampa Fl along with industry-backed certifications and required licensing.

Our team of dead animal removal Tampa Fl experts are trained to respond to all of your needs, whether it be a dead rat, dead raccoon, or dead squirrel, our team is ready to respond.

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Pro Wildlife Removal’s 3-step process for dead animal removal Tampa Fl

The highly experienced wildlife removal technicians at Pro Wildlife Removal follow a 3-step process that addresses all your needs when dealing with a dead animal in your home. The goal of our wildlife removal services is to eliminate the entire problem by removing the dead animal, taking action to ensure that other animals can’t enter your home, and cleaning up the mess they leave behind. Our dead animal removal Tampa Fl 3-step process is proven to work because it prioritizes both preventative and corrective action, coming around full circle and closing any gaps, ensuring that our work exceeds your standards, every time.

Our 3-step dead animal removal Tampa Fl process:

Locate and Remove
Locate and Remove

The first step is to safely locate and remove the dead animal from your property. This requires a trained expert because of the difficulty that may accompany seeking out a dead animal in a home or business. The dead animal could be located in many areas that are hard to access. Our experts know how to find and get to it.


This step addresses preventative action, establishing exclusion barriers that discourage or prevent animals from returning. The last thing we want is to remove the pests just to have them show up again in the future. We’ll help you take the appropriate steps to protect your home or place of business from future animal invasions.


This step is very important in the process of dead animal removal Tampa Fl, as decomposing wild animals are a threat to our safety. Dead animals can spread disease. We will utilize industry-standard, safe materials and methods to clean up the contaminated area safely and efficiently.

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Need dead animal removal in Tampa FL? The wildlife removal experts at Pro Wildlife Removal have years of experience under their belts in dead animal removal Tampa FL.


When it comes to dead animal removal and clean up, you should only enlist the true experts to not only remove the deceased animal from your property, but to also restore and repair the damage left behind.

If you find yourself in need of dead animal removal Tampa Fl services for your home or business, it could be because that animal was already living there. If so, there may be other live animals nearby, including possible babies left behind. This is a situation that should only be handled by a wildlife removal professional.

Handling wildlife can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and there are laws in place that regulate how and where an animal can be trapped and/or relocated or how a dead animal can be disposed of.

The professionals at Pro Wildlife Removal are licensed under government and nongovernmental agencies in dead animal removal Tampa Fl and wildlife trapping and removal. We adhere to a proven guideline that removes dead animals from your home or place of business safely and efficiently while also assessing the damage caused by them and offering tips and additional services to repair damage, clean up messes, and establish any necessary exclusions to prevent them from returning.

Pro Wildlife Removal is a family-owned and operated business recommended by HomeAdvisor. Our FDACS licensed wildlife biologists are certified experts in dead animal removal Tampa Fl and dead animal disposal. 

We are also INTERNACHI Certified for Home Inspections and hold the National Association of Home Builders Certified Green Professional certification.

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Not only is handling a dead animal dangerous due to the health hazards from possible contamination, it can actually be pretty tricky to track down the dead animal in the first place. This is because the animal may have fallen in-between two walls where it got stuck and died, it could have buried itself under insulation, or it could be in tight area that’s difficult to access.

Why you should call Pro Wildlife Removal?

With years of experience in dead animal removal Tampa Fl, Pro Wildlife Removal has the tools and experience to seek out the dead animal and determine the most efficient way to access and remove it. Our process has been refined over many years of experience dealing with dead animals in homes and businesses. Our technicians will assess your home or building and mold our strategy to fit your unique needs.


Fast & Efficient Removal Of Dead Animals

There are also laws that determine how a dead animal can be disposed of. Pro Wildlife Removal is licensed and certified to handle all types of dead wild animals and can safely remove and dispose of them while abiding by Florida laws and regulations.

The professionals at Pro Wildlife Removal have extensive experience in locating and removing dead rats, dead raccoons, dead opossums, and other dead animals in homes, attics, garages, crawl spaces, walls, ceilings, floors, basements, and even businesses. We can save you much time and energy trying to locate the dead animal yourself, plus we know how to decontaminate the site properly to prevent any possible spread of disease.

At Pro Wildlife Removal our goal is to remove the dead animal as quickly and efficiently as possible while completely decontaminating the area and returning your home or business to its original state. We get the job done with as little stress to you as possible.

Our experts will remove the dead animal while assessing any damage done and implementing necessary repairs. We won’t leave the mess behind for you to worry about. With Pro Wildlife Removal, you won’t need to call in another service after we’re gone because we are licensed and trained to provide services in dead animal removal Tampa Fl, site decontamination, and home repairs.

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