If you live in Central Florida, or anywhere in Florida, you are probably all too familiar with duck problems – more specifically, Muscovy duck problems. We can help!


Pro Wildlife Removal has been on the frontline of muscovy duck removal in Central Florida for over a decade. With Pro Wildlife Removal, you can trust that you’re receiving top-rated services certified through multiple government and non-governmental agencies to meet and exceed industry standards.

Muscovy ducks are a non-native, invasive species in Florida and are considered a nuisance pest because they leave droppings on pool decks, patios, pools, ponds, driveways, and more. Known for breaking into and nesting in attics, their aggressive behavior, and their ability to spread disease to native Floridian waterfowl, these ducks have become a huge problem in Central Florida.


According to Florida Statute 379.231, it is illegal to transport and release muscovy ducks anywhere within the state. If you find muscovy ducks residing on your property, you’ll want them removed before they cause severe damage to your lawn, pool, deck, or attic.

So, what do you do when you find ducks on your Central Florida property? Call us. Our wildlife removal experts are trained and certified to remove Muscovy ducks from Central Florida residences and businesses. It is illegal under Florida law to cause pain to or to kill muscovy ducks in an inhumane way.

Pro Wildlife Removal will safely and humanely capture muscovy ducks, their eggs, or their young and transport them to wildlife rescue centers.

Let our Muscovy duck removal experts in Central Florida handle your duck removal needs so you don’t have to.

muscovy ducks with its young ones

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Have you discovered muscovy ducks living in your Central Florida attic, pool deck, yard, garage, or under your house? The experts at Pro Wildlife Removal have over a decade of experience in removing muscovy ducks and other birds from Central Florida homes and businesses.

We have developed a highly-efficient 3-step process proven to humanely, safely, and effectively abate ducks and other nuisance pests.

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Live Trap and Remove
Live Trap and Remove

The first step in our Duck removal process is to live-trap and remove the ducks to ensure all the animals and eggs involved are safely moved from the property with as little stress as possible to the ducks.

Create Exclusions
Create Exclusions

The second step in our Duck removal tampa process is to create exclusions, or barriers, to prevent ducks from invading again. We will give you industry tips on how to protect your pool, pond, deck, attic, and shrubs from the invasive Tampa muscovy duck.

Clean Up
Clean Up

The third and final step in our Duck removal tampa process is to clean up and decontaminate the site. Muscovy ducks are known to annoy Tampa home and business owners with their feces and urine, which ends up in driveways, attics, pools, and decks. Although there are no known zoonotic diseases carried by Muscovy ducks, they can spread disease to other native waterfowl.

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Our certified wildlife removal experts are dedicated to providing the highest quality services that take both the animals and humans we work into consideration. That’s why we always rank #1 in Duck removal in Central Florida.

The conflict between people and muscovy ducks in Central Florida doesn’t have to be an ongoing issue. We work to make sure humans and wildlife live at peace, coexisting alongside each other in their own, separate habitats.

If you need any wildlife removal services in anywhere in Florida, don’t wait any longer.

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