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Our wildlife removal services starts with assessing your opossum removal needs through a free phone consultation and will determine the best course of action for your unique situation. Then we’ll schedule a time to send a friendly and knowledgeable opossum removal expert to your location to begin the certified opossum removal process.

With Pro Wildlife Removal, you can trust that you’re receiving top-rated Opossum removal Central Florida services that are certified through multiple government and non-governmental agencies to meet, and exceed, wildlife removal industry standards.

Pro Wildlife Removal will safely and effectively remove opossums from your Central Florida Bay property and restore your life back to normal, without the threat of wildlife invasion. We follow a proven 3-step opossum removal process that involves trapping and removing, excluding, and decontamination.

Pro Wildlife Removal’s proven 3-step opossum removal process

Have you discovered opossums living in your Central Florida attic, basement, garage, or under your house? The wildlife control experts at Pro Wildlife Removal have over a decade of experience in removing opossums and other wildlife from Central Florida homes and businesses. We have developed a highly-efficient 3-step process proven to safely and effectively abate opossums and other pests without causing harm to the animals or people involved.

Live Trap and Remove
Live Trap and Remove

The first step in our Opossum removal Central Florida process is to live-trap and remove the opossums using industry-standard tools and techniques to ensure all the animals involved are safely removed from the property with as little stress as possible.

Create Exclusions
Create Exclusions

The second step in our Opossum removal tampa process is to create exclusions, or barriers, to prevent opossums and other wildlife from entering again. Closing the entry points where the opossums first entered is an obvious must, but looking for other possible entry ways is another key step in prevention.

Clean Up
Clean Up

The third and final step in our Opossum removal tampa process is to clean up and decontaminate the site. Opossums defecate a lot, and they will do so where they have made a nest in your home. Opossum feces and urine can spread diseases such as Leptospirosis, a fatal disease if not treated. This is why clean up is a vital step in our wildlife control process.

During our cleanup process we will also assess the site for any damage the opossums caused that may require repairs and walk you through your options to return your home back to a safe and secure state.

Why Central Florida Opossum Removal Is A Job For Trained Professionals

Let our trained professionals clean up the hazardous mess for you while safely removing all opossums from your Central Florida property.

Opossum removal in Central Florida should only be performed by a wildlife removal professional, as we are trained to seek out, trap, and remove wild animals, looking for clues to their whereabouts and determining if there are any babies involved. We know the signs to look for and the procedure to take to ensure no one is left behind and that all animals are removed with safety being top priority.

Opossums carry multiple diseases that can be passed to humans through bites and even through contact with urine and feces. Opossums are also hosts to a wide range of disease-carrying ectoparasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, and lice, which can jump from opossum to humans and pets, increasing the risk of contracting a disease.

If a female opossum has made a nest in your home, it is likely that she has multiple babies with her, depending on the time of year. This needs to be taken into consideration when trapping and removing opossums, as we don’t want to leave anyone behind.

Pro Wildlife Removal has years of experience in opossum trapping, removal, exclusion, and decontamination for Central Florida homes and businesses. Don’t risk making contact with opossum nests that may carry harmful diseases.

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