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For over a decade, the residents of the Tampa Bay area have relied on just one company to take care of their raccoon removal needs: Pro Wildlife Removal.

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Don’t waste time and resources trying to keep raccoon bandits at bay. The trained professionals at Pro Wildlife Removal have years of knowledge and experience along with the appropriate tools and skills to remove raccoons and keep them away for good.

Have you fallen victim to a raccoon invasion on your home or business property? Let the experts at Pro Wildlife Removal serve you.

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Are raccoons invading your home?

Why you need to call the Raccoon removal tampa experts

Raccoons are probably considered the most adorable of the pests that tend to invade people’s homes seeking food and shelter. But don’t let their appearance fool you. Raccoons can pose a serious threat to humans, especially once they have entered your home.

Raccoons carry many diseases and parasites that can infect humans and pets both directly (biting) and indirectly (inhalation of excrement), including leptospirosis, salmonella, roundworm, and rabies.

Not only can raccoons cause bodily harm, they often cause expensive structural damage to property and make a mess of garbage cans, food storages, gardens, and more.

Raccoon mothers are very protective of their young. If you have discovered a raccoon nest in your attic let the Raccoon removal tampa pros take care of it. We will safely remove and relocate the raccoon mother and her kits.

If you find that a raccoon has entered your home or has made a nest in your attic, garage, chimney, crawl space, or barn, do not try to corner the animal. Raccoons can become aggressive when confronted. Only trained wildlife removal professionals can remove raccoons safely and securely.

Are raccoons invading your home | Pro Wildlife Removal

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Are you a Tampa homeowner? Look out for property damage caused by raccoons

Are you a Tampa homeowner? Look out for property damage caused by raccoons | Pro Wildlife Removal

Raccoons can weigh up to 20 pounds and they are surprisingly strong. They have become highly adapted to urban and suburban environments and tend to seek out human-made structures to build their dens, such as attics and chimneys. That’s why raccoon removal Tampa is becoming more and more needed.

Your home provides a warm, safe environment for raccoons to live, escape the weather, sleep, and raise their young. If you’re a homeowner in Tampa and have discovered raccoons living on your property, here are some of the types of structural damage you need to look out for.

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Health risks raccoons carry

Health risks raccoons carry | Pro Wildlife Removal

The risk of disease associated with raccoons is what makes them dangerous. Pro Wildlife Removal has the skills and experience necessary to trap, remove, and relocate raccoons while also cleaning up the contamination they leave behind. We will completely eliminate the health risks associated with raccoons so you can get back to living safely in your home.

Why you should seek professional Tampa raccoon removal services

Raccoons are highly adaptive animals and have adapted exceptionally well to urban and suburban environments due to the ample shelter and food made available by people. This is good news for raccoons, bad news for us. The more contact that occurs between humans and raccoons, the higher the risk of spreading zoonotic diseases. Raccoons are vectors of the Rabies virus and have high levels of infectious bacteria and parasites in their feces and urine which can be transferred to humans simply by breathing in contaminated dust. If raccoons have sought shelter in your Tampa attic, chimney, or other areas of your home, do not attempt to remove them yourself and do not have any direct or indirect contact with their urine or feces. Only Raccoon removal tampa professionals should attempt this.