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Wild hogs, also known as, wild pigs, feral pigs, and wild boars, are considered Florida’s most destructive invasive species. They cause harm to Florida’s natural habitats, endanger native wildlife, and damage private and public property. Each year in the U.S., wild hogs cause up to $2.5 billion in economic damage, much of which impacts the agriculture sector.

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Introduced by Spain in the 16th century, domestic pigs were released or escaped into the wild, creating a large, invasive feral hog population in Florida. Florida is home to the second largest population of wild hogs, at around 500,000. Because they are prolific breeders and have few natural predators, wild hogs have a large representation in much of the U.S., especially in Florida.

The state has attempted to create multiple solutions to abate our wild hog problem, but attempts have fallen short. It’s difficult to control the population not only because they are highly prolific breeders, but also because pigs are one of the most intelligent species. New methods are constantly needed to stay one step ahead of them.

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Why You Need To Call Expert Trappers When Hogs Are Out Of Control!

Why You Need To Call Expert Trappers When Hogs Are Out Of Control | Pro Wildlife Removal

Wild pigs causing damage to your property?

Wild hogs forage at night, sneaking into your yard and causing major damage by rooting – the method of digging up soil in search of food. They can destroy an entire yard in just a few hours. You’ll wake up in the morning wondering who took a plow to your backyard.

Wild pigs typically maintain a range of about a square mile in size. If they aren’t trapped and removed, they will return later, causing more damage. Don’t invest hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs for your yard or land until you invest in removing the boars that caused the destruction in the first place.

Agricultural fields are at the greatest risk of wild hog destruction. Feral pigs are omnivores and opportunistic eaters, so they will eat anything they can get ahold of, even small livestock like ducks, turkeys, and chickens.

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The damage wild pigs cause to Florida’s ecosystems is an even greater issue. Because they are invasive, wild hogs are a serious threat to Florida’s native wildlife. They leave little food for popular game animals. like squirrels, deer, and turkey. They also prey on small birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, some of which are already endangered species. 

And wild hogs can impact the quality of fresh water sources and degrade whole forests.

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We Rescue and Control Hogs in Tampa FL Using Humane Methods and Techniques

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That’s why it’s important to call in certified Tampa hog removal and trapping experts when you need wild pigs removed from your property.

Wild hogs are known to be dangerous to humans, livestock, and wildlife because of their potential to carry infectious diseases and pathogens, such as cholera, pseudorabies, brucellosis, tuberculosis, salmonellosis, anthrax, ticks, fleas, lice, and various flukes and worms.

Wild hogs can also be dangerous when they feel the need to defend themselves, sometimes with unprovoked attacks on people. They are relatively large, powerful animals and can cause serious harm with their tusks and teeth. The safest thing to do is keep far away from wild pigs, especially when they are travelling in a pack or if you find a mother boar with her babies.

If you find wild hogs in your yard, call Tampa hog removal professionals to assist.

Feral pigs are a major nuisance to homeowners and they usually need to be removed in order to prevent extensive damage from occurring, or recurring. But  It is illegal to trap and hold or transport wild hogs without a proper permit.

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Have you discovered your yard, field, or crops have been destroyed seemingly overnight? You probably have hogs rooting on your land in search of food. If not taken care of soon, they will return to cause more damage.

Pro Wildlife Removal offers certified and licensed Tampa hog removal 24/7 anywhere in Florida. Our proven process live-traps and removes all wild hogs from your property in the most efficient way. We employ top-of-the-line tools and techniques to safely and humanely remove the hogs, mitigate the damage they caused, and help you set up barriers and methods to prevent their return.

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