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Squirrels in Your Home? Why They Should Be Removed

Don’t be fooled by the cute and innocent appearance of squirrels, they are major culprits in the destruction of public and private property, leading to serious economic damage for households and businesses and an increased risk in house fires and disease.

Think the squirrels will eventually leave, or won’t cause that big of a problem? Think again!

Squirrels can live up to 15 years and once they’ve made themselves comfortable, it’s not likely that they’ll leave.

Squirrels will make a nest in your home, chew through the walls, wires, and PVC of your home, reproduce in your home (twice per year with up to nine babies per litter) and urinate and defecate in your home, creating a path of destruction that will require serious repairs.

Let’s face it, squirrels are pests, and if not taken care of, will take full advantage of the safe, enclosed spaces that your home offers. The damage caused by squirrels isn’t just annoying, it can be dangerous. Once inside, you will need to enlist a professional to remove these critters in a way that is safe for you and safe for the animals.

Squirrels in Your Home Why They Should Be Removed | Pro Wildlife Removal
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Do You Need Tampa Squirrel Removal? 5 Signs To Look For

  • Chew Markings. Squirrels, because their teeth never stop growing, need to chew constantly to keep their teeth at the proper length and sharpness. These critters can chew through the structural framework of homes, especially electrical wiring, causing major damage and increasing the risk of house fires.
  • Noise. Squirrels will usually invade your home through the attic. They sleep at night and are active during the day. So, if you hear scampering sounds during the daytime hours, especially coming from the attic, you most likely have a squirrel invader.
  • Smell. Squirrels, like all animals, must urinate and defecate. If the invasion is not taken care of promptly, in time you will begin to notice a smell, and it won’t be a pleasant one. Squirrel urine also has the potential to cause water damage to your ceiling.
  • Droppings. Squirrel droppings are small, dark brown pellets, cylindrical in shape with rounded ends. Squirrel feces and urine can lead to mold, spread dangerous pathogens, and even attract more squirrels to the area.
  • Nests. Squirrels will make nests out of a wide variety of materials, including twigs, paper scraps, grass, shredded insulation, etc.. A nest is an obvious sign that an unwanted critter has made your home a permanent dwelling.

Have you spotted any of these signs of a squirrel invasion on your property in Tampa? Contact Pro Wildlife Removal for a quick and easy squirrel removal solution.

How Can Pro Wildlife Removal Help With Your Tampa Squirrel Removal Needs?

How Can Pro Wildlife Removal Help With Your Tampa Squirrel Removal Needs | Pro Wildlife Removal

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Like squirrels have a reputation of being a major nuisance to homeowners, Pro Wildlife Removal has a reputation of being Tampa’s premier source of removing them. Critter removal proves to be one of the most tedious and stressful situations to handle.

Why try to handle this stress on your own when Pro Wildlife Removal can take the burden out of your hands?

Let our professionals deal with removing the squirrels so you can deal with the important things in your life.

The first step in getting rid of the squirrels who have invaded your home is to give Pro Wildlife Removal a call. Our friendly experts will give you a free estimate based on your needs. During the phone call we can schedule an on-site visit with one of our certified wildlife removal technicians at a time that is convenient for you.

Once on-site, our professionals will assess the full scope of the issue and determine the necessary procedure for removing the squirrels in a safe and efficient manner.

3 Step Tampa Squirrel Removal Process

Our trained experts follow a proven procedure for removing squirrels from your home, making sure they can’t return again, and cleaning up the mess they leave behind.

Trapping and Removal
Trapping and Removal

The first step is to safely trap and remove all of the squirrels who have invaded your property. Our process is safe for the animals and safe for you, employing only humane methods and causing as little stress as possible to both the animals involved, our employees, and to you and your home.


The second step is just as important as the first - to close up all entry points so that the squirrels and other critters don’t have a chance to return. We know how stressful it can be to have wildlife invade your living space, and we want to make sure this can’t happen to you again.

Clean Up
Clean Up

Squirrels are very messy, destructive animals, and we don’t plan on leaving the mess for you to clean up. We will remove all the droppings and debris left behind, decontaminating the area so that you can feel comfortable and safe in your home again.

Our Tampa squirrel removal process is guaranteed to meet the highest safety and humane animal-handling standards in Tampa. Our professional animal removal technicians are licensed by various government and non-government agencies to ensure that our pest removal services meet the highest standards, especially yours. 

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