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Whenever you encounter trouble from pests or rodents in your home or business, we would be glad to service you. Safe, secure, and fast. Those are words we live by when it comes to our professional Wildlife Removal Services in Tampa, Florida.

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We have years of experience under our belts and we have built strong relationships with the citizens of Tampa. So, let us be the ones you call first when it comes to your pest control problems. Contact us at 1-844-264-6254 or email us at

Our Animal Removal Services

Pro Wildlife Removal offer animal trapping and rescue for the following wildlife: 

We also offer emergency services for dead animal removal

Raccoon Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons making a home in your attic is not an uncommon problem to have here in Tampa. Raccoons tear up insulation, spread disease and reproduce every year. Give our licensed animal trappers a call at the first sign of a raccoon invasion.

Squirrel Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are major culprits in the destruction of private and public property. They chew on wiring and wood and tear up insulation. They can spread disease and increase the risk of fire. We can trap and remove them safely and efficiently.

Snake Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Snake Removal

With over 40 species of snakes in Florida alone, it’s not uncommon to find one in your home or yard, but it can be scary. Our certified and licensed animal trappers can safely and humanely remove snakes from your property.

Bat Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Bat Removal

If you see a lot of bat activity around your home, it’s likely that you have an infestation. If you wait too long, their population can grow to thousands. Our certified animal trappers follow a thorough and safe procedure to remove them.

Bee Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Bee Removal

If you find a beehive on your property, you may want them gone. Instead of trying to deal with them yourself, or trying to exterminate them, give our professional animal trappers a call and we’ll safely and humanely remove them for you.

Hog Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Hog Removal

Hogs are a major pest in the Tampa Bay area. They are known to destroy entire yards in a night. They can become dangerous when approached, so give our certified animal trappers a call to take care of the problem for you. -  Our professional animal trappers comes with a bag of tricks ready for any emergency. We rescue, trap and control all types of animal that will occupy your property.

Armadillo Removal

Armadillos are notorious diggers and can tunnel havoc through your yard, golf course, farm, etc. The professional trappers at Pro Wildlife Removal are certified to trap and remove them. Give us a call before the damage becomes too extensive.

Opossum Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Opossum Removal

Opossums are nuisance animals because they can spread disease, destroy attic insulation, and cause economic damage to homes and businesses. Our expert animal trappers will humanely live trap them, set up exclusions, and decontaminate the site.

Dead Animal Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Dead Animal Removal

If you have a dead animal in your home or on your property, the safest way to deal with it is to call our licensed dead animal removal professionals to remove the animal, assess any damage, and decontaminate the site. Emergency services available 24/7!

Duck Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Duck Removal

Ducks can sometimes be troublesome for home or business owners. Florida law prohibits relocating certain species of ducks. Our professional trappers are certified and licensed to live trap and remove them for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Rat Removal | Pro Wildlife Removal

Rat Removal

Rats have a poor reputation, and rightly so. They can spread diseases to humans through direct and indirect contact with them. And they reproduce at extremely high rates. If you’ve found rats living near your home, call our licensed animal removal professionals right away.

Critters, rodents, and pests can pose a direct threat to the safety of your home, business, and your family. That’s why when you spot a raccoon rummaging through your trash, or an armadillo burrowing underneath your home, you should give us a call immediately and we’ll send a friendly and knowledgeable expert to you right away.

It is important to know that rodent problems are the kinds of problems that you do not want to handle on your own. Many rodents, like raccoons and opossums, can carry diseases like rabies, which can pose a direct threat to the safety of you and those around you. So, for your safety, leave the trouble to our expert technicians who are trained in dealing with pests in a safe and controlled manner.

We know that emergencies can occur and you might need our Wildlife Removal Services at an unexpected time.

For any rodent or pest issue that might need expedited services anywhere in Florida, just call us at and we will do our best to respond to the problem as fast as possible.

Our Wide Range of Wildlife Removal Services

Here at Pro Wildlife Removal, our priority is to take care of your business quickly, efficiently, and safely. But more than that, we want to make sure that we take the most humane route possible when it comes to handling and removing rodents and pests.

We are your local experts in general pest control. Our expertise includes: rodent exclusions, skunk control and removal, opossum control and removal, bat control and removal, bee and beehive control and removal, live honeycomb removal, mice control and removal, raccoon control and removal, hornet extermination, and many more.

Trust that we have a full range of home repair services under our expertise, as well. We want to provide you with long-term solutions, and on top of this we have warranties on all the services we provide.

Our End-To-End Wildlife Removal Process | Pro Wildlife Removal

Our End-To-End Wildlife Removal Process

Our Wide Range of Wildlife Removal Services | Pro Wildlife Removal

Our wildlife removal services are prepared for any challenge. It all starts with a phone call with one of our experts. We will discuss the services that you require and our expert can give you a free quote over the phone. Every job is unique, but we assure you that our pricing will be clear, transparent, and fair. Call us now at +1-844-264-6254 to get your free price estimate.

After the initial phone call, we will send an expert on-site to determine the overall scope of the job. During this time we will provide you with a final price quote, based on our expert evaluation.

Finally, we will proceed with the process to remove the pests and fix any issues that may have caused the invasion in the first place. We will perform a full inspection of your home or business to determine what the internal and external problems are. We will fix entry holes, decontaminate sites, clean up messes, and of course, trap and remove all pests.

If requested, we can go as far and complex as repairing insulation in your walls and attics that have been damaged by the unwanted rodents. We want to make sure that we not only remove the pests from your home, but also ensure that they will not have an opportunity to return in the future. These are the standards that our Wildlife Removal Services live up to.

Wildlife Removal Near You in Tampa FL

Our Wildlife Removal Services cater to Tampa, Florida and the surrounding area. Call us today to see if we service your area at +1-844-264-6254 or email us at

If you are in the locations listed below and you notice signs of a pest infestation, i.e. holes in your walls or wood trimmings, stool droppings, nests, etc. give us a call right away.

We respond quickly to these following areas:

Whether you need a wild removal service near you in Tampa FL, or anywhere in florida, our Wildlife Removal experts are always available to answer your call!

We want to solve your pest problems as fast as possible and provide you with excellent Wildlife Removal Services so that we can minimize the damage to your property and ensure the safety of you and those around you.

Why You Should Trust Pro Wildlife Removal?

Why You Should Trust Us | Pro Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal Services goes beyond inspection, trapping, and repairs. Dealing with wild animals is a very dangerous job. If not handled correctly, these animals can pose a serious threat to people. You can count on us because we’re licensed professionals with a proven track record.

All of our experts and technicians are licensed and certified in Wildlife Removal. Our licenses and certifications are accredited by the Florida Wildlife, Fish and Game Commissions and the Florida Departments of Agriculture.

The dangers and risks of Wildlife Removal Services are covered under the liability insurance that we provide each of our wildlife removal technicians.

Our pest control experts are required to undergo rigorous training and pass advanced examination. We set the bar high for our Wildlife Removal technicians to ensure that our services are the best in the industry.

Once you spot even the slightest sign of a pest infestation, make sure to give us a call immediately at +1-844-264-6254. Let our experts take care of you.